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Kesai Eagrow has launched its created sugarcane herbicide halosulfuron-methyl + ametryn 83% WPqrcode

May. 20, 2019

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May. 20, 2019

Kesai Eagrow has launched its created sugarcane herbicide halosulfuron-methyl + ametryn 83% WP

Sugarcane is the most major sugar crop in China. For many years, herbicides such as Ametryn, Diuron and MCPA have been used to control weeds in sugarcane field which results in the resistance of Rottboellia, eleusine indica, crab grass, creeping oxalis and nutgrass.

“With China’s sugar development strategy towards high-yield and high sugar content sugarcane variety, there is an urgent market demand for more efficient and safer herbicides for sugarcane. Hence, Kesai Eagrow has made targeted screening to develop its Jiujiuhong (halosulfuron-methyl + ametryn 83% WP), which is safe to sugarcane and high effective for control of worst weeds such as nutgrass,” said Su Yue, the marketing director of Kesai Eagrow in an interview with AgroPages. Worst weeds, such as nutgrass and Bermuda grass in the sugarcane filed of Guangxi province of China, is difficult to be eradicated. Conventional herbicides could kill only the leaf part of weeds like nutgrass, not the root, and problems such as residue,  volatility, quickly resume growth of weeds are also exist. These unsolved issues have been a long-existing headache to sugarcane growers. With the release of Jiujiuhong, a new effective and efficient solution is made available to sugarcane growers. 

8days after application, root of Cyperus rotundus died 
Halosulfuron-methyl is a sulfonylurea herbicide which can be absorbed by leaves and transferred to the underground part, thus it can not only killing over ground leaves but also eradicating underground roots. Experiments prove that continued use of halosulfuron-methyl + ametryn 83% WP for years will greatly reduce the amount of nutgrass roots and seeds in sugarcane field so as to eradicate the weeds finally. 

20days after application, weeds have completely withered
Each compound has its own features. Halosulfuron-methyl is used for control of broad-leaf weeds and nutgrass in wheat, corn, rice, sugarcane field and lawn and has especially effect for control of nutgrass. Ametryn is a triazine selective systemic herbicide for control of annual grass weeds like crab grass and green bristle grass and part of broad leaf weeds in corn and sugarcane field. The mixture of halosulfuron-methyl and ametryn can kill grass weeds, broad-leaf weeds and nutgrass, especially eradicate nutgrass root. 
Besides Chinese domestic market, Kesai Eagrow has established 7 subsidiaries in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and West Africa where efforts are made to develop targeted formulations against worst weeds via investigations and trials according to the character of local weeds. “On this basis, we could provide local farmers with specific and customized weed control solutions utilizing Kesai Eagrow’s proprietary techniques.” Su said. 
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For more information of Keisai Eagrow, please contact their overseas marketing director Mr. Su:
Tel: +86 531 8811 8000
Email: suyue006@163.com
Source: AgroNews


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