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WinField United launches Ascend® Pro PGR to promote vigorous emergence and early-season plant healthqrcode

Feb. 28, 2019

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Feb. 28, 2019
Farmers who want to boost their seed investment should consider a new plant growth regulator by WinField United in 2019. Ascend? Pro is formulated with three proven EPA-registered plant hormones and in an enhanced formulation including an amino acid derivative that consistently improves early-season results, regardless of environmental conditions.

“Ascend Pro is the ideal product to get corn off to a great start. The benefits of an at-planting Ascend Pro application are evident season-long,” said Ray Pigati, WinField United marketing manager for PGR products. “The new formulation of Ascend Pro delivers benefits that include even germination and emergence, a stronger root system, and wider leaves and stems to harness more energy for grain fill. We saw a positive yield response 76% of the time when Ascend Pro was applied at planting in 2018.  And testing for four years at more than 150 locations proves the product works reliably no matter what the geography or environment.”

Reliable yield protection

Early-season emergence and stand sets the trajectory for a crop’s yield potential. Maintaining crop health with Ascend Pro helps improve the yield potential of a seed’s genetics, in the face of environmental challenges.

“We know that one of a farmer’s biggest input costs is the seed purchase,” said Kyle Gustafson, agronomist for WinField United. “Protecting that investment is mission-critical, and Ascend Pro delivers with its optimized formulation that boosts early-season plant health. We’ve seen the positive effect on plant growth and development in extensive on-farm field trials. The yield data backs up those visual observations, so we know Ascend Pro improves a plant’s physiological functions.”
Robust testing, accurate insights

Conditions are always unpredictable at planting and vary across geographies. As part of the WinField United product development process, Ascend Pro has been tested in both controlled and on-farm environments. These vigorous testing protocols help target exactly where Ascend Pro offers the greatest potential return on investment for farmers.
“The farmer is always top of mind when we’re developing a new product,” explained Marcus Jones, Ph.D., senior research manager for the plant nutrition portfolio. “Our rigorous testing and data collection capabilities give us the confidence to position new products so they deliver the reliable results farmers expect, even when we don’t know exactly what challenges the crops will face in a given season. Based on our testing, Ascend Pro is a versatile plant growth regulator that fits on nearly all acres to support early plant health for greater yield potential.”
Farmers can learn more about the benefits of an in-furrow application of Ascend Pro at planting by visiting winfieldunited.com or by talking with their local agronomist.


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