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Mexican company developed organic fungicide with chaparral extractsqrcode

Sep. 13, 2018

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Sep. 13, 2018

Mexico  Mexico

A Mexican company dedicated to the creation of biotechnological products, developed an organic fungicide with extract from the chaparral plant (Larrea tridentata), as an alternative for the control of diseases in different types of crops.
Bioamin scientists used the chaparral because in addition to being an endemic plant in the Mexican desert, it has fungicidal properties, explained the firm's general director, Yolanda Sanchez Salazar.
As a result of the studies and experiments, the company obtained an organic fungicide with a high degree of efficiency, as well as rapidity based on quinones of chaparral extract.
For his part, Juan Genaro Osuna Sanchez, marketing director of the company, said that with three days of use, some diseases of crops such as pineapple, coffee, banana, onion, tomato, can be controlled up to 95 percent.
In an interview with the Information Agency of the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt, for its acronym in Spanish), the engineer also stressed that the product has an immediate form of action, similar to synthetic products.
However, he pointed out that with Mexican innovation, the farmer can start working the crop from the first day he applies the product.
"With synthetic products one can take up to four or five days to rework the crop. This the farmer sees as a benefit of cost savings due to time, " he said.
The specialists agreed that this fungicide-bactericide based on extract of chaparral has several benefits, including the dose, because while this applies one to two liters per hectare, with commercial farmers come to use two to four liters.
The company made a patent application for the production process and formulation of the final composition of the fungicide based on the chaparral extract.
Although there are advances regarding the certifications for the legal sale of the product, they seek to obtain national and international accreditations.
Source: Yahoo News


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