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Valagro presents new biostimulant YieldON in Ukraineqrcode

Feb. 16, 2017

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Feb. 16, 2017


Valagro recently presents YieldON, the new biostimulant specifically designed for row crop nutrition. The official launch of Valagro's innovative solution took place on the occasion of its participation in the Grain Tech Expo in Kiev (Ukraine), one of the main trade fairs for the cereal sector within Europe. 
YieldON is in fact able to improve the transportation of sugars and other nutrients, stimulate cell division, increase synthesis and, in the case of crops such as soybeans, transportation of lipids. These are the functions of YieldON that make it possible to obtain significant increases in yield, for example, in the weight of the seeds and in the amount of oil present in them.
These functions are ensured by the formulation of the new biostimulant based on a new mix of plant extracts, never used before, from Fucaceae (seaweeds), Chenopodiaceae, Poaceae, created through the exclusive technological GeaPower platform, based on an combination of avant-garde research methodologies. In particular, in the field of genomics, especially in relation to the study of crops such as soy and corn, Valagro applied the Next Generation Sequencing technique, developed by itself in collaboration with the Dutch research institute NSure. This technique, together with phenomics and rigorous field testing procedures carried out internationally with some of the world's best experimental centres, forms the basis of YieldON's innovation and effectiveness. Some experimental trials conducted in Brazil have shown an average productivity increase of 13-15% in relation to the standard level.
The launch of YieldON is guided by Valagro's distinctive approach, which is based on the centrality of the customer and the group's commitment to broadening its range of solutions to meet their specific needs effectively. YieldON is able to combine efficiency and effectiveness, sustainability and productivity, helping farmers to achieve higher yields. In this way, it is able to satisfy the demands and expectations of the market and therefore to guarantee them a higher return on investment.
Benoit Genot, Global Marketing Director of Valagro said, "The row crop market is based on intensive cultivation systems aimed at obtaining increasingly higher yields to meet the growing demand for food from the world's population.  Rice, wheat, corn and soybeans are the crops used most to meet this constantly increasing worldwide demand for food, and they occupy most of the agricultural surface area throughout the world. However, the productivity of these crops is threatened by the decrease of cultivatable farmland, together with the impoverishment of the soil due to the intensification of crops and, not least, by the negative impact of climate change. For these reasons, YieldON is a viable solution that ensures high quantity and quality yields within the constraints of greater crop efficiency. "
After Ukraine, Valagro will present YieldON in Brazil Exposoya (8 March 2017) and AgroBrasilia (16 to 20 May 2017) and later in Turkey, during the participation in Dlgfuarcilik Exhibition scheduled for 24 to 26 August.
Numerous field days have been planned in these countries, some of them in collaboration with the main Valagro distributors, like the one organised in Brazil in collaboration with Coopercitrus, in conjunction with the two trade fairs mentioned above. Finally, an integral part of the YieldON launch will consist of the meetings of the Valagro Academy, aimed at the sales teams and Valagro customers, which will help to raise awareness and appreciation about the potential of YieldON. 
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