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New molecules are registered against caterpillars in major crops in Brazilqrcode

May. 2, 2016

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May. 2, 2016

New molecules are registered against caterpillars in major crops in Brazil

Some molecules recently registered at the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply present good efficiency for a complex control of caterpillars in crops like soybeans, corn and cotton, besides presenting relative low toxicity for human beings and the environment, including for the natural enemies. Among these active ingredients, the highlighted chemical groups are diamides, hydrazides, spinosad, and analogs of pirazal oxadiazines such as clorantraniliprole, cyantraniliprole, clorfenapyr, indoxacarb, methoxyfenozide and espinoteram.

Part of these molecules are in the market for a long time with consolidated results, including the chlorfenapyr, indoxacarb and methoxyfenozide. However, other molecules were registered for a short time, such as cyantraniliprole and spinetoram.

These molecules present high efficiency to control the complex of caterpillars in soybeans, corn and cotton. The basic difference consists in a residual period and chock effect of each active ingredient, according to the chemical characteristics.

For example, the molecules cyantraniliprole and chlorantraniliprole present a very good effect of medium and residual shock, while indoxacarb, clorfenapyre and spinoteram present high efficiency of shock and high residual power. On the other hand, it should be pointed out that the efficiency of the molecules depend on the target studies, the development stage and the used doses.

It is highlighted that the promising results were observed the soybean, corn and cotton crops in the Center-west, while in the state of Pará the good results were observed for the crops of soybeans and corn, including the safety for rural producers.

Regarding the caterpillars that are being controlled for these new molecules, they highlight the complex of caterpillars of the genre Spodoptera (Noctuidae), such as the species Spodoptera frugiperda, Spodoptera eridania and Spodoptera cosmioides, besides the caterpillars Helicoverpa armigera, Anticarsia gemmatalis and C.includens, which are being controlled on crops like soybeans, corn and cotton.

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