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Brazil representative wants label “produced with chemicals” on foodqrcode

Apr. 15, 2016

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Apr. 15, 2016
A state representative of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro Wanderson Nogueira introduced an “expressive indication for the use of agrochemical on food products sold in the state of Rio de Janeiro”. The bill No. 1402/2016, filed on February 16 of 2016, establishes that these items should have titles with the inscription “produced with agrochemicals”.

"The nutritional medical science evaluates evolves increasingly proving that the human health is directly related to the human habits. Therefore, the food can be a source of health and disease,” sustains the politician.

"In this sense, because there is evidence of the relation of the agrochemical impacts on human health, this fact is proven through numerous epidemiological surveys, which are related to the exposure to the agrochemical with cancer, hormonal problems, genetic disorders, chronic diseases of the nervous system, among others, is to introduce this project law,” adds.

According to the Project, the obligatory message includes food in its “natural presentation, partly processed, or industrialized ... is valid for the retail, the wholesale and industry, being exempted from restaurants and similar establishments”. The bill establishes that, in the case of commercialized products in its natural form, on wholesale or in bulk, “the indication would be in the boxes of packaging or exposure”.

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