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Bayer announces launch of innovative new rodenticideqrcode

Dec. 19, 2014

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Dec. 19, 2014
A new rodenticide – in a unique foam application – is being launched at LAMMA 2015 by Bayer, in a bid to tackle increasing rat and mouse populations.
Racumin® Foam (coumatetralyl) will offer an alternative product for use throughout the UK and Ireland, and represents an exciting new development for rodent control.
This specialised water-based foam formulation is designed for use against both rats and house mice. It contains the active ingredient coumatetralyl and will be ideal for use as part of an integrated pest management programme (IPM).
Ken Black, Bayer’s Rural Hygiene Manager explains how, unlike baits which are reliant on palatability for uptake, this product works by using the rodent’s natural grooming habits. “The foam can be placed in areas where the rodents are known to pass, such as access holes, cavity walls and pipework’s. It’s then transferred to the pest’s coat as they brush past and is ingested straight into its blood stream during routine grooming.”
He adds that Racumin® Foam offers a perfect solution in circumstances where other food temptations limit bait uptake, or where traditional baiting methods, such as putting the product inside cavity walls, are not possible. “It also provides an ideal replacement for previous contact activity powder formulations, which are no longer available.”
“We’re running a competition as part of ongoing messaging to raise awareness of the importance of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to grain store preparation pre-harvest, and continued monitoring and control throughout the grain storage period,” says Ken Black, Bayer’s Rural Hygiene Manager.


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