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  • Leonardo Gottems

    Leonardo Gottems

    Editor of AgroPages


    Editor of AgroPages. Email:

  • Mickey Shan

    Mickey Shan


    Mickey Shan, Editor of AgroPages. Email:

  • Eduardo Lima Porto

    Eduardo Lima Porto

    LucrodoAgro Consultoria Agroeconomica

    Eduardo Lima Porto is the proprietary of LucrodoAgro Consultoria Agroeconomica that is dedicated to consultancy services at the Agricultural and Agroindustrial sector. He specializes in market analysis of soybeans, corn and agricultural inputs. He is also a supply chain and risk management advisor for resellers, cooperatives and agricultural groups.

  • Edivan Tonhi

    Edivan Tonhi

    Ph.D., Operations Manager

    NSF Bioensaios

    Ph.D., Operations Manager at NSF Bioensaios Brazil

  • Christina Xie

    Christina Xie


    Chief editor of AgroPages. Email:

  • Dr. Paulo Campante

    Dr. Paulo Campante

    Brazilian Seed Association( ABRASEM)

    Executive Superintendent, Brazilian Seed Association (ABRASEM)

  • Grace Yuan

    Grace Yuan


    Grace Yuan, editor of AgroPages. Email:

  • Flavio Hirata

    Flavio Hirata


    AllierBrasil Consulting & Advisory

    Mr. Flavio Hirata, MBA, agronomist, consultant from AllierBrasil. He can be reached at His Skype is: flavioyhirata.

  • Venky Ramachandran

    Venky Ramachandran

    Lead Product Manager

    iConcept Software Services

    Venky Ramachandran works as a Lead Product Manager with iConcept Software Services, a leading Agritech Vertical SaaS firm, based out Hyderabad, India.

  • Svitlana Synkovska

    Svitlana Synkovska

    APK Inform

    Marketing director of APK-Inform

  • Jason Zhang

    Jason Zhang


    Jason Zhang, Editor of AgroPages. Email:

  • Haiying Liu

    Haiying Liu


    Journalist, Nanfang Rural Newspaper


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What is a Contributing Author?

Agropages would invite industry experts and experienced professionals to be our Contributing Authors, who will deliver papers of originality on a regular basis targeting at industry situation, market analysis, experience exchange, news comments and special topic discussion to facilitate exchange and communication among the industry, which can be an inspiration to industry players toward a sustainable agrochemical development.

What is the Requirement of
Being a Contributing Author?

1. Above 5-year practitioner experience in agrochemical industry.

2. In-depth and distinctive knowledge and insight into industry development mode, supported by a profound analytical thinking on main stream phenomena of the industry.

3. Successful personal experiences that can be shared with each other.

4. Views and Perceptions that will inspire or guide the future development of the industry.

Guideline of the papers

You may write anything you would like to share with our readers but following topics would be more welcome.

- Understanding and interpretation of regulation trend

- Market orientation analysis

- Product R & D orientation

- New-tech application development direction