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 Les Daubney
All Articles>>Les Daubney

Cereals Product Manager, Limagrain UK. Les has over 30 years’ experience in the seed industry and is responsible for the arable portfolio of Limagrain UK, having managed the cereals, oilseeds and pulses products during his time with the company.

 Dieter Mulitze
 Jerome Garnier
All Articles>>Jerome Garnier

Jérôme Garnier obtained his doctoral degree in Chemistry in 2012, in the framework of a joint program between the Solvay company, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier, France, and the University of Technology in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He joined Incotec in 2013 as Senior Researcher Film Coating where he applies his knowledge in polymer chemistry and materials science to the development of coating formulations for seed enhancement applications.

 Kevin Cook
All Articles>>Kevin Cook

Chief Technology Officer, Kaiima Bio Agritech

 Debora Leite
All Articles>>Debora Leite

Biotech Division Manager at Vigna Brasil – Consultancy in Strategic and Regulatory Affairs

 Bram van der Have
All Articles>>Bram van der Have

Limagrain UK sugar beet consultant. Bram has been involved in agricultural seeds since 1972 and has experience in both seed production, technical advice and marketing of seeds of field crops not just in the UK but also in the key West European markets. He started his career with a general agricultural merchanting group and joined a predecessor of Limagrain UK in 1987.

 Gerrit Krueger
张静松-AgroPages Jason Zhang
All Articles>>Jason Zhang

Jason Zhang, Editor of AgroPages. Email: jason@agropages.com

 James Radtke
All Articles>>James Radtke

Senior Vice President, Product Development, Cibus

 David Perry
All Articles>>David Perry

David is President, CEO, and Director of Indigo. He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and built three innovative companies in the last 18 years, leading the last two through successful IPOs and to multi-billion dollar market capitalizations, and raising over $750 million, while generating significant returns for investors.

 James M. MacDonald
All Articles>>James M. MacDonald

Jim MacDonald is chief of the Structure, Technology, and Productivity branch. The branchs work focuses on four topics. One is the measurement and analysis of agricultural productivity. Second, the branch focuses on the economics of scientific research, and the development of new biological and physical technologies, for use in agriculture. It analyzes the application of new and existing production practices, management systems, and technologies on farms. Finally, it studies the changing organization and structure of farms and the farm sector. The branch also bears major responsibility for the annual Agricultural Research Management Survey, USDAs primary source of data and farm and farm household finances and field-level production practices. Jims area of specialization lies in industrial organization, with a focus on empirical research on the topics of competition, firm organization, innovation, and industry consolidation. In this position, he has sought to apply that focus to U.S. agriculture, with work focusing on consolidation of agricultural production, competition in markets for agricultural commodities, the use of contracts in agriculture, and the organization of farms.

单东丽-AgroPages Mickey Shan
All Articles>>Mickey Shan

Mickey Shan, Editor of AgroPages. Email: mickey@agropages.com

师倩云 Cathy Shi
 Samir Pandya
 Greg Hunt
All Articles>>Greg Hunt

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Nufarm

 Krishnamurthy Ganesan
All Articles>>Krishnamurthy Ganesan

Mr. KRISHNAMURTHY GANESAN is the Managing Director of ‘Mahamaya Lifesciences’ with more than 3 decades of experience in Product Development, Global Regulatory Affairs & International Business.

 Torsten Hauck
 Fanny Vanel
袁娜 - AgroPages Grace Yuan
薛智昂 Erwin Xue
All Articles>>Erwin Xue

Project manager of AgroPages. Email: erwin@agropages.com

谢雪凤-AgroPages Christina Xie
All Articles>>Christina Xie

Chief editor of AgroPages.

吴大鹏 Wu Dapeng
All Articles>>Wu Dapeng

Editor of AgroPages. He can be reached at agropages@vip.163.com

郑敏 Paul Zheng
All Articles>>Paul Zheng

Paul Zheng, editor of AgroPages.com. Email: paul@agropages.com

 Dr Minshad A Ansari
All Articles>>Dr Minshad A Ansari

Dr Minshad A Ansari is founder and Managing Director of Bionema Ltd and has more than 20 years of experience in biopesticide development with a proven track record of delivery of IPM strategy in agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors. He has more than 80 research publications and is a regular invited speaker at biopesticide conferences and extensive experience in strategic R&D planning, operational management, business and technology development.

 Flavio Hirata
All Articles>>Flavio Hirata

Mr. Flavio Hirata, MBA, agronomist, consultant from AllierBrasil. He can be reached at Flavio.hirata@uol.com.br. His Skype is: flavioyhirata.

 Ed W. Siatti
All Articles>>Ed W. Siatti

Agricultural Evangelist - Focused on closing the gap between farming and technology.

 Pop Pibanthan
All Articles>>Pop Pibanthan

Pop is General Manager of AIM AGRODA. AIM AGRODA is a consultant company devoted to agricultural information management, researching product development and market potential analysis for Southeast Asia Countries.

 Leonardo Gottems
Pam Marrone Pam Marrone
All Articles>>Pam Marrone

Pam Marrone is CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations, a company she founded in 2006 to find natural product solutions for unmet weed and pest management needs. At the previous company she founded, AgraQuest, Pam discovered and launched a range of products based on natural Bacillus for which the EPA awarded the 2003 Presidential Green Chemistry Small Business Award. Marrone is founding chairwoman and currently a board member of the Biopesticide Industry Alliance (BPIA), a prominent trade association. She is also on the Board of the Association of Applied IPM Ecologists, Cornell’s Ag & Life Sciences Dean’s Advisory Council, the California Roundtable for Ag & the Environment, and several others. Pam serves as Treasurer of OFRF.

 Dr. Mirza Nomman Ahmed
All Articles>>Dr. Mirza Nomman Ahmed

Executive Board Member & Regional Manager Asia Pacific, Kleffmann Group

 Dr. Andreas Wais
All Articles>>Dr. Andreas Wais

Dr. Andreas Wais is Managing Director of Eurofins Regulatory AG

 Eugenio Rouspil
All Articles>>Eugenio Rouspil

Licenciado en Economía y Administración Agrarias, Universidad de Buenos Aires. Co-founder of PILAR.

 Scott Carpenter
All Articles>>Scott Carpenter

Scott leads the commercialisation of Starpharma’s dendrimers for crop protection applications such as the commercial licence with Adama and is Starpharma’s primary point of contact for crop protection partners. In previous roles Scott worked for Bayer Crop Science and Ausbiotech, Australia’s biotechnology industry organisation.

 Ricardo Stasinski
All Articles>>Ricardo Stasinski

Ricardo Stasinski is a founding partner of the company ODS – Servi?os em Agronegócio. He acts as broker and trader in agricultural commodities futures markets. Ricardo is agribusiness analyst, with regard to national and international markets for agricultural commodities. He has large knowledge in technical and statistical analysis of prices for developing market strategies and risk management.

 Rishi Nair
All Articles>>Rishi Nair

Rishi is a management graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Indore and has been a major contributor to the Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Customer Relations functions in his decade long career stint. He is currently associated with Adventz Group, working as a Chief Marketing Manager for their Crop Care Business.

 Roberto Rissi
All Articles>>Roberto Rissi

Roberto has over 40 years of strong technical and management experience in the Brazilian agribusiness sector, worked for multinational seed companies such as DuPont Pioneer, Cargill & Monsanto and Syngenta. Now he works as independent consultant and also gives some classes at University of Sao Paulo in the Agribusiness MBA.

 Rosa Criollo
All Articles>>Rosa Criollo

Rosa has been working in the Global Regulatory Affairs Agrochemicals & Biopesticides department of Dr. Knoell Consult company.

 Hannah Griffiths
All Articles>>Hannah Griffiths

Market Applications Specialist in Croda.

 Han Rieffe
All Articles>>Han Rieffe

Han is working as Global Account Manager for the Croda’s Crop Care business. He has almost 15 years of experience in the agrochemical and adjuvant industry.

 Maurício Hideki Ouchi
All Articles>>Maurício Hideki Ouchi

Maurício is an agronomist from Universidade Estadual Paulista, with 26 years of experience in the Brazilian agricultural market. He has been working with IHARA as a product manager since 2013.

 Jorgelina Lezaun
All Articles>>Jorgelina Lezaun

Jorgelina has been working in DuPont Crop Protection Marketing Southern Cone for many years. Now, she is an independent consultant in agribusiness field.

 Marcus Meadows-Smith
All Articles>>Marcus Meadows-Smith

Marcus Meadows-Smith is CEO of BioConsortia, Inc., a revolutionary technology platform in microbial consortia for improving plant traits and increasing crop yields. The company has developed an innovative R&D technology for identifying multi-tasking microbial teams that confer beneficial traits onto seeds, fertilizers and directly onto plants.

 Hemali Narkhede
All Articles>>Hemali Narkhede

Hemali Narkhede has more than six years of experience in market research and consulting in agriculture Industry. She is actively involved in analysing markets for insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, seed treatments, bio pesticides, bio fertilizers and other chemicals. She is a part of multiple consult projects, syndicate and customized studies, with active involvement in providing critical business research insights to clients with her industry expertise. She is experienced in planning, commissioning, multi-tasking, and executing projects to attain specific client needs. Her strength lies in trend analysis, data forecast, procurement analysis, building analytical models, business consulting and so on.

 Prof. Moshe Reuveni
All Articles>>Prof. Moshe Reuveni

Prof. Moshe Reuveni received his Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from the Department of Life Sciences of Bar-Ilan University in Israel in 1982. As a post-doctoral research fellow and associate, Moshe spent four years at the Plant Pathology Department at the University of Kentucky, USA. He continued to work for three years as a senior scientist for Plant Biotechnology Industry in Israel. In 1990 Moshe joined the Golan Research Institute of Haifa University as senior plant pathologist; in 2000 he was appointed as the head of the Institute. Since 2002 he is involved in developing of new bio-pesticides based on plant extracts, including Timorex Gold, in the Stockton Group, where he holds the position of Scientific Director.

 Dr. M. P. Srivastava
All Articles>>Dr. M. P. Srivastava

Dr. M. P. Srivastava is a distinguished Plant Pathologist with 50 years of experience. Formerly Director and Professor & Head Plant Pathology Haryana agr University; Currently Chairperson XSGrowth Plant Health Clinic(www.xsgrowth.com; mpsrivastava28@gmail.com). His key areas of interest have been Transfer of Technology, Pesticides/Fungicides, IPM and plant Health Clinic. In the field of pesticides, he organized an advanced course on Fungicides in 1998 for scientists of state agricultural universities of India, brought out a comprehensive manual and has served as expert member on Pesticide panel of DST, Govt of India.

 Guy Cooper
All Articles>>Guy Cooper

Guy Cooper is the owner of Cooper Investment and Consulting, a boutique consulting service dedicated to the business and investment aspects of Crop Protection in Agriculture. He has worked in Europe, NAFTA, Latin America, China, Africa and APAC in a variety of business fields including bio-pesticides, seed coating and traditional crop protection chemicals, has rich experience in commercializing a large array of products ranging from premium branded to commodities.

 Dr.Ramin Salek
All Articles>>Dr.Ramin Salek

Agrochemicals expert in Iran. Countery sale manager of Nasre mobin Iranian holding group.

周光东 - AgroPages Terry Chow
All Articles>>Terry Chow

Terry Chow, project manager of AgroPages. Email: terry@agropages.com

 Davide Secchi
All Articles>>Davide Secchi

Technical Director of Life Science Division, Lamberti.

Kathryn M. Knight 博士 Dr. Kathryn M. Knight
All Articles>>Dr. Kathryn M. Knight

Kathryn is the Research and Technology Manager for the Crop Care business of Croda Europe Ltd. She can be reached at kathryn.knight@croda.com.

Dr Partho Dhang Dr Partho Dhang
All Articles>>Dr Partho Dhang

Dr.Partho Dhang works as a consultant to a number of companies and organizations involved in Pest Management. His work covers diverse fields which includes research and development, field evaluation of products, registration and training practitioners. He is also an adjudicator of doctoral thesis from two universities in India and regularly evaluates thesis on the subject of economic entomology.

 German Pessagno
 Ana Santillana
All Articles>>Ana Santillana

Mrs. Santillana has more than 15 years of experience in the agrochemical and chemical sectors at a multinational level. She has held Management positions in companies such as BASF and IQV. Since 2012, she is Associate Director at Dextra International, a leading consultancy and representation firm in the agrochemical business.

 Gantakolla Srivastava
All Articles>>Gantakolla Srivastava

Gantakolla Srivastava is the CEO of CropLife India, an association of the plant science industry in India. Mr Srivastava is a seasoned professional having a work exposure of more than 20 years, in Policy Advocacy, especially in the area of agriculture. Mr Srivastava has been instrumental in leading key initiatives on Responsible Use of Crop Protection Products, Anti-Counterfeiting, Progressive Regulation through farmer engagement, thought leadership and policy advocacy.

 José Perdomo
All Articles>>José Perdomo

Executive Presidente CropLife Latin America; José Perdomo is an agronomist from Texas A&M University; He worked in DuPont during 28 years, in different positions in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina; He was a member of CropLife Latin America’s Board in 2005 and 2006, as well as member of CASAFE, ANDEF and SINDAG’s boards; During the last 4 years, José was the CEO for Pantaleón Sugar Holdings.

 Raghavan Sampathkumar
 Dr. Aoife Dillon
All Articles>>Dr. Aoife Dillon

Aoife has over fifteen-years of experience in bio-insecticide development and delivery of IPM strategies. She gained her PhD in Integrated Pest Management at the National University of Ireland. Prior to joining Exosect, Aoife was Technical Specialist for Bio-Insecticides at BASF. Aoife leads the Technology Development team where she oversees all the development programmes for Exosect’s licensing partners.

Mr. Seiji Takamura Mr. Seiji Takamura
All Articles>>Mr. Seiji Takamura

1946- Born in Fukuoka prefecture of Kyushu island in Japan; 1965-69 Studied agronomy in Kyushu University; 1969- Joined UBE Industries,Co.Ltd.; 1969-1988 Worked as a biologist for pesticide screen; 1988-1996 Worked for domestic development of pesticides; 1996-2002 Worked for EU registration for a cereal pesticide; 2002- Established Joy Consulting for foreign companies who want Japanese registration and information

 Pradip Dave
Roy Chen博士 Dr. Roy Chen
All Articles>>Dr. Roy Chen

AgriThority Chemical and Microbial Biopesticide Formulations Specialist.

 Rob Fryatt
All Articles>>Rob Fryatt

Rob Fryatt has over 25 years of international marketing and commercial experience in pest management and allied industries. He is considered by many to be one of the most influential strategists in the industry. During this time he has held senior management positions with ICI, Zeneca and Sorex. In addition he has developed his own independent business: XENEX ASSOCIATES LTD.

Jan Mostert Jan Mostert
All Articles>>Jan Mostert

Jan Mostert is Project Manager for speciality crops and Team Leader for the strategic development of the soft technology portfolio at Certis Europe.

 Dr. Yunus BAYRAM
All Articles>>Dr. Yunus BAYRAM

He was graduated from PhD. Department of Plant Protection of Graduate School of Science, Engineering and Technology of Dicle University in 2013.. From 2003 to till 2014 he has worked as a researcher and then as director of Plant protection Research Institute of Diyarbakır province. Now he is working as Head of Plant Protection Products of General Directorate of Food and Control of Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock in Ankara.

 Garth Drury
All Articles>>Garth Drury

Garth Drury is responsible for managing ROTAM’s global product registrationsand is also the president of the European Crop Care Association (ECCA) which represents about eighteen small to medium size enterprises, (SMEs).

Elza-Durham Elza-Durham
All Articles>>Elza-Durham

Elza-Durham is the patent Analyst of Daniel Advogados. Daniel Advogados provides Intellectual Property services, having solid foundations in technical knowledge, professional experience and tradition in Brazil.

 Danny Karmon
All Articles>>Danny Karmon

Danny Karmon is an agronomist with 30 years of experience in the area of plant protection. He has been working at Makhteshim Agan for 25 years in various positions, including the European Development Manager and Global Head of Insecticides. For the last 5 years he acts as the Project Manager of Innovative Products.

汪建沃 Wang Jianwo
All Articles>>Wang Jianwo

Secretary General of Hunan Pesticide Association,China

廖昌胜 C S Liew
All Articles>>C S Liew

C S Liew, Managing Director of Pacific Agriscience Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, has had 33 years of international experience in the agricultural chemical industry. He has worked for American Cyanamid, Ciba-Geigy, Uniroyal and Nufarm before forming his own company 13 years ago. His latest exciting project is marketing agchem products directly to farmers in Australia under an F2F (Factory to Farm) business model. He can be reached at cs@pacificagriscience.com.

约翰.麦肯齐 Dr John McKenzie
All Articles>>Dr John McKenzie

Dr John McKenzie has worked in China for over 5 years and currently is Business Development Manager for Harlan Laboratories. John has a doctorate in Chemistry from Glasgow University and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He has worked for over 20 years, employed by some of the largest CROs, as Study Director for pesticide registration and as Laboratory Manager.

 Annette Schurmann
 Dr.Ranjit Bhide
All Articles>>Dr.Ranjit Bhide

Dr. R M Bhide Ph.D, ERT is a Pharmacologist and also a European Registered Toxicologist. Dr Bhide is a Director of Research at the Indian Institute of Toxicology, One of the leading laboratory (CRO) for Toxicological Testing of Agrochemicals for registration In India and abroad.

 Andreas Frangenberg
All Articles>>Andreas Frangenberg

Andreas Frangenberg is Technical Director of EISA, the European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture, and freelance journalist and editor. His main fields of interest relate to sustainable development in agriculture, Integrated Farming and the role of innovation in modern agriculture. He is based in Erkelenz, Germany.

Adrian R. Jaszewski Adrian R. Jaszewski
All Articles>>Adrian R. Jaszewski

Adrian is Director and Regulatory Affairs Manager of AGROconsulting. He worked as a Chemistry Evaluator in the Pesticides Section of the Australian federal regulator of pesticides and veterinary medicines. Adrian had been also analysing agrochemicals in a GLP/NATA accredited lab based in Sydney. With MSc in Chemistry and PhD in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, he has over 11 years of academic career and over 13 years of solid professional experience in chemical laboratories.

贺远波 Rob Hulme
All Articles>>Rob Hulme

Rob HULME is the chairman of IPR Committe, Croplife China. He is also the Head of Bayer CropScience Greater China. From 1992 to 2007, Rob held several managerial positions in the Crop Protection Business Group of AgrEvo, Aventis and Bayer in Australia, from product manager, business manager to commercial manager. In Australia, his latest position is in Business Strategy function. From 2007 to 2009, he first worked in Bayer CropScinece Headquarters and became Merge and Acquisition Manager in Monheim. Then 2 years later, in 2004, he was appointed as Country Head of Bayer CropScience Vietnam in HCMC.

马修˙科瓦奇 Matthew Kovac
All Articles>>Matthew Kovac

Matthew Kovac is the Advocacy Director at CropLife Asia based in Singapore. He is responsible for building partnerships with government, policy experts, NGOs and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector across Asia Pacific.

Márcio Nascimento Márcio Nascimento
All Articles>>Márcio Nascimento

Marcio developed his career in seed companies like Pioneer, Asgrow and Seminis (Monsanto). Most of the time he had positions on Sales & Marketing and New Product Development and he had also developed several activities that led to successful strategies and market development. He had leading positions in several Brazilian seed associations and currently he is an Honorary Member of ABCSEM (Brazilian Seeds & Young Plants Association and Ornamentals).

 Glauber Silveira
All Articles>>Glauber Silveira

Glauber Silveira is the president of the Brazilian Association of Soy Producers (Aprosoja Brazil), director of the Brazilian Agribusiness Association (ABAG), adviser of the National Rural Learning.

 Rod Parker
All Articles>>Rod Parker

Rod Parker is the founder and Managing Director of Agricultural Information Services (AIS), an independent market research company based in London since 1988. From 1992 AIS has been the only company focused on providing market research in the area of non-crop pesticides. AIS also has a unique global database on developments in infestation and loss due to weeds, insects and diseases in agricultural crops and this provides an input to R&D and business strategy in global pesticide and biotech companies.

 Thomas Crawford
All Articles>>Thomas Crawford

Dr. Thomas Crawford is an ecologist and soil scientist (M.S. and Ph.D., respectively, University of California, Davis). He has conducted and managed agricultural and horticultural research in academia and industry and currently conducts and manages research for Bio Huma Netics, Inc. in Gilbert, AZ.

Mr. Ravi Raghvan Mr. Ravi Raghvan
All Articles>>Mr. Ravi Raghvan

Mr. Ravi Raghavan is the Editor-Publisher of Chemical Weekly, India’s largest news magazine for the chemical industry. Being the Editor-Publisher for Chemical Weekly he has a wide understanding of the complexities of India’s chemical industry.

Paulo M.Silva Paulo M. Silva
All Articles>>Paulo M. Silva

Mr. Paulo M.Silva, M.Sc in Agronomy and Director of Bioagri. Bioagri - a Mérieux NutriSciences Company is the biggest private laboratory of Latin America and it is in operation since 1991 in the conduction of studies for agrochemicals registration.

David Ashworth David Ashworth
All Articles>>David Ashworth

David Ashworth, specialist at TSGE LLP, has extensive experience in the biocides industry including strategic development and guidance on dossier compilation. He has an in-depth knowledge of the commercial, technical and regulatory aspects related to the use of biocides and their products. David is a chartered biologist and holds an MBA from Loughborough University and also leads the BACS Biosciences and Biotechnology Group.

 Peter Ahlgrimm
All Articles>>Peter Ahlgrimm

Peter Ahlgrimm, Director of Institutional Relations from Bayer CropScience and member of the Andef’s Board of Directors.

罗海章 Luo Haizhang
All Articles>>Luo Haizhang

Mr. Luo Haizhang, the president of China Crop Protection Industry Association, the former chairman and general manager of China agrochemical company Hubei Sanonda.

陈铁春 Chen Tiechun
All Articles>>Chen Tiechun

Prof. Chen Tiechun, director of Quality Control Division, ICAMA (the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals of Ministry of Agriculture), FAO/WHO JMPS expert and the authors of series of pesticide professional publications and translated works including Analysis and Measures for China’s Pesticide Export and OECD Series on Principles of Good Laboratory Practice and Compliance Monitoring.

克劳迪奥.梅鲁 Claudio Mereu
All Articles>>Claudio Mereu

Claudio Mereu is a partner at the law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP where he focuses on European Union law with an emphasis on pesticides, biocides and chemicals.

What is a Contributing Author?

Agropages would invite industry experts and experienced professionals to be our Contributing Authors, who will deliver papers of originality on a regular basis targeting at industry situation, market analysis, experience exchange, news comments and special topic discussion to facilitate exchange and communication among the industry, which can be an inspiration to industry players toward a sustainable agrochemical development.


What is the Requirement of being a Contributing Author?

  • 1. Above 5-year practitioner experience in agrochemical industry.
  • 2. In-depth and distinctive knowledge and insight into industry development mode, supported by a profound analytical thinking on main stream phenomena of the industry.
  • 3. Successful personal experiences that can be shared with each other.
  • 4. Views and Perceptions that will inspire or guide the future development of the industry.

Guideline of the papers

You may write anything you would like to share with our readers but following topics would be more welcome.

  • - Understanding and interpretation of regulation trend
  • - Market orientation analysis
  • - Product R & D orientation
  • - New-tech application development direction

Join the Contributing Authors via email: info@agropages.com

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