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Resistance to root-knot nematodes is the differential of the new soybean cultivar launched by Embrapaqrcode

May. 30, 2023

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May. 30, 2023

″BRS 7180 IPRO is a material with great differential for the Cerrado region,″ researcher André Pereira stated while defining the new soybean variety launched by Embrapa. 


He referred to resistance to the root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica, the main limiting factors of productivity in soils throughout the country.

Ferreira explained that the more production is intensified, the more the problems caused by root-forming nematodes, worms native to Brazilian production systems, get worse. One of the strategies to reduce its population is the use of resistant varieties, such as those developed by Embrapa.


The cultivar has a high productive potential, exceeding 70 bags in areas of high fertility. The researcher reported that producers facing difficulties due to the presence of nematodes on their properties managed to harvest 20 more bags per hectare, whereas earlier they could harvest only up to 40. The nematodes attacked the roots and reduced their ability to absorb water and nutrients, compromising plant productivity.

With a 120-day cycle, the BRS 7180 IPRO makes it possible to plant the second crop with corn or another crop, followed by pasture production for animal feed. ″This is an important characteristic within the current scenario of production in the Cerrado since the rainfall window in the region allows the second harvest to be carried out, provided that short-cycle materials are used in the first harvest″, a characteristic presented by the new cultivar. It can also be used as a component of integrated systems, such as Crop-Livestock Integration (ILP) and Crop-Livestock-Forest (ILPF). The ideal sowing period runs from the second half of October to the first half of November. The seeds will be available for planting the next crop.


Launch of BRS 7180 IPRO

Embrapa's new cultivar was launched on May 25 during the AgroBrasília 2023 fair, which takes place at the PAD-DF until May 27. It is the result of a partnership with the Cerrados Foundation. 


Ilson Alves Afonso, Technical Director of Fundação Cerrados, an institution that supports the soy improvement program for the biome, emphasized the importance for associates to have new materials each year to meet market demands. Afonso reinforced that the main differential of the cultivars developed by Fundação Cerradas and Embrapa was resistance to nematodes, a characteristic not found in materials offered by multinationals: ″The nematode is spread throughout the country and affects virtually all Brazilian producers. So this is an interesting differential that guarantees our competitiveness in the market″.

During the event, the general head of Embrapa, who is also a soybean researcher, stressed that nematodes are silent enemies. ″Of all the problems we try to solve through research, those related to the root of the plant, those below ground, are the most difficult. The nematode is a silent enemy, and today we are presenting a solution for the Brazilian producer. Embrapa does its research to serve the productive sector and, sometimes, we bring up issues that are not yet under the eyes of the producer.″



In addition to the launch, other cultivars – BRS 7582, BRS 7781, BRS 7180 IPRO and BRS 8383 IPRO – are on display at Embrapa's Technology Showcase at AgroBrasília. The first two are conventional varieties that achieve good productivity and with the possibility of obtaining greater market value by meeting international demand. ″Europeans need our soy and they need Brazil. They produce two million tons of conventional soy annually, but consumption is eleven million tons. And there is still the possibility that Europe will pay for carbon sequestration for producers who have certified conventional systems,″ explained Luiz Fiorese, President of the Cerrados Foundation.

Source: Embrapa


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