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Sumitomo Chemical prepares 2022 launches in Brazilqrcode

Jun. 3, 2021

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Jun. 3, 2021

2007161212.jpgIn the second quarter of 2020, Sumitomo Chemical consolidated its BioRacionais business unit, which offers sustainable and biologically derived solutions in the areas of crop improvement, soil health and conservation, and plant and seed protection. In Brazil, this market is one of the fastest growing annually.

The company, which is a global pioneer in this technology and a market leader, will launch at least six new concepts by 2022 for protecting and improving crops, which contain biological solutions as their active ingredient.

Over the years, BioRacionais have become a fundamental input and has helped rural producers achieve more sustainable cultivation and increase their productivity and profitability. “Among them, we can mention plant growth regulators, which leverage results for farmers and agricultural companies both in intensive and extensive cultivation. The better performance of crops makes investments made by farmers viable, because they focus on more productivity and quality in a sustainable manner and with extremely viable returns,” said Eduardo Figueiredo (Marketing Manager of BioRacionais for Latin America).

“For example, through the line of growth regulators from Sumitomo Chemical, soybean crops witnessed an increase of four bags per hectare, averaging 148 crops harvested in the 2019/2020 season while sugarcane, on average, generated 7 tons more per hectare. In both examples, the returns on investment are very attractive, representing the direct investments in the productivity of these crops,” stated Lucas Martinez (Marketing Manager for BioRacionais Latin America).

In addition to productivity, a key feature of the BioRacionais division's products is selectivity, and they act on specific pests without causing damage to the environment, but with high efficiency. According to Rodrigo Rodrigues (Manager of BioRacionais), Sumitomo Chemical invests in technologies that do not harm beneficial insects, such as pollinators and predators of pests. “Imbalance can generate more problems, as the natural predator of a particular pest, by being eliminated, will cause another problem for the farmer.”

“In addition, these products are fundamental to Integrated Pest Management (MIP) strategies, which aim to the increase the efficiency of control strategies, reduce the selection pressure on the most common control tactics, and ensure the sustainability of agricultural production,” Martinez added.

An example of a selective and sustainable solution is DiPel, a product that effectively controls caterpillars and is used on more than 200 cultures in over 60 countries. The product contains a natural active ingredient, Bacillus thuringiensis. Through experimentation, continuous development and quality assurance, DiPel has been a leader in global biological protection for 50 years.

Sumitomo Chemical's BioRacionais portfolio includes biological insecticides DiPel and XenTari and various plant growth regulators from all phytohormones groups, which act precisely on the physiology of plants to ensure the best results.

Crop protection and soil health

The products in the Sumitomo Chemical portfolio are based on fungi, bacteria and plant extracts, such as chrysanthemum. According to Figueiredo, Brazilian farmers are looking for more sustainable products while companies are focusing on products that produce less waste and are more nature-friendly to increase productivity and control pests.

“Our BioRationals sector comprises two major segments. One is plant, seed and soil improvers, which contain rhizosphere microbes, biostimulants and growth regulators. The other is the protection of plants and seeds, which involves biochemicals, microbes and macro-organisms,” Figueiredo said.

“Sumitomo Chemical is actively participating in the BioRacionais market. In Brazil, the company has been working for over 30 years on a line of growth regulators and biological insecticides. A factor supporting the company's know-how is its North American subsidiary, Valent BioSciences, which focuses on the research and development of new BioRacionais technologies,” he added.

Rodrigues stressed that the company has invested heavily in biological insecticides and growth regulators, noting that, for example, to grow in key segments, such as soy, corn, cotton, sugarcane, citrus and reforestation, farmers must integrate the use of biological solutions with their more specific and selective actions in these cultures, to prevent environmental imbalance and damage to nature.

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