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Jan. 26, 2021

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Jan. 26, 2021

Recently, the Chinese biostimulant manufacturer CITYMAX announced commercial running of the phase 2 of its annual 50,000-ton novel water-soluble fertilizer project. CITYMAX has been an experienced export-oriented enterprise, exporting humic acids, seaweeds and amino acids to 55 countries across the globe. Now, CITYMAX has formally kicked off its launch in China's market.

It has been eight years since the establishment of the CITYMAX brand oversea. Over the years CITYMAX has focused on the biostimulant business and continued to strengthen technical research and product quality to serve the global market. CITYMAX's products exported to international market have been certified by OMRI, ECOCERT and BV. In addition to exportation handled directly by the company, CITYMAX set up overseas branches in Turkey and Spain to develop business in manners of direct sale and agency sale. By 2020, CITYMAX’s products have been exported to 55 countries and regions around the world, whilst brand agencies have been delegated in more than 20 countries.

In the years ahead, through the phase 2 construction, the company will be able to achieve total crop nutrition solutions, on top of supply of the existing product mix. Concerning service, the company will build a global crop planting technical exchange platform. In order to achieve higher value for customers, the company is prepared to extend its service via an agricultural product procurement platform, which will provide technology-based, customized and localized solutions. The objective of the company is to build itself into an agricultural service provider of global quality. 


Core Competencies

Zhang Bin, board director of CITYMAX, holds the view that the global demand for biostimulants is increasing day by day and this industry is developing rapidly, but the market is a much-divided. Only products with three characters - safe raw material, effective product and constant quality, would be absolutely competitive products. The three characters are exactly the core competencies of CITYMAX.

Safety is reflected in the control of organic raw materials. The global demand of organic agricultural products emerges as consumers desire healthy diet. The profit of organic products to farmers is 15-20% higher than that of conventional products. The production for organic produce is regulated very strictly, especially on the application of agri-inouts.

For example, OMRI in the United States requires a three-year transition period for farmland. European ECOCERT bans or limits the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives for the production. The raw materials, auxiliary materials, and extracting environment are required to be organic.

Humic acid extraction of CITYMAX is completely done in the enclosed environment, with the features of dust-free and recyclable operation, which complies with the organic certification requirement. Having the organic certification of agricultural products and agricultural inputs considered as the essential to access into European and American market. CITYMAX received purchase orders placed by the US head office for the raspberry and blueberry planting base in Yunnan, as well as purchase orders for wild red algae (extracted astaxanthin used as health care product) and organic tea plantations.

Speaking of the product effectiveness, it is important to recognize that the same raw materials of different sources, extraction process and quality control may lead to different product effectiveness. Taking amino acid as an example, most of the raw materials on the market are extracted from hair, pig skin or even wastes, which are then hydrolyzed by hydrochloric acid, resulting in an excessive amount of chloride ion. This creates a huge price difference, which can be 10 times different between amino acids by enzymolysis and by hydrochloric acid hydrolysis.

In terms of stability, the three major raw material series are all extracted by CITYMAX. Only by controlling the stability of raw materials, then the stability of finished products is assured. CITYMAX has a molecular recombination technique, which eliminates the water-insoluble substance and deflocculant in its humic acid product, whether being drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation, the high impurity insoluble substances may lead to collapse of the sprinkler irrigation system. In China's Xinjiang region and the Middle East with desertified and alkaline land where the water is hard, ordinary humic acid immediately flocculates and precipitates, calcium and magnesium ions cannot be absorbed by crops once encountering flocculent precipitates, which will reduce the efficacy.

Safety, stability and efficacy complement each other. High quality of agricultural input is the key of high quality agriculture development.

Chinese Market Planning

The agricultural inputs which CITYMAX will launch in Chinese market include the multi-source organic biological stimulant Organmix, which integrates the rooting function of mineral fulvic acid, the stress resistance function of alginic acid and the growth promoting function of amino acids. It is highly soluble and high efficacy, which is a good companion to crops to grow in high quality. With other three series products, the company is expected to perform jointly to provide a full-scale safeguard for the yield and quality increase of crops.

Moreover, CITYMAX is prepared to make full use of its technical expertise and promotion channels, in an effort to become a quality agricultural service provider in China to serve domestic premium agriculture and high-end growers.

“CITYMAX is an international agrochemical enterprise that represents advanced nutrition concept and top production level. We are ready to serve Chinese market with long years of global marketing experience and technology accumulation,” said Zhang Bin to AgroPages.



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  Yutian Lu


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