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2023 China's Top 100 Pesticide Companies list released!qrcode

May. 23, 2024

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May. 23, 2024

On May 21st, China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) announced the esteemed 2024 China Pesticide Industry Sales TOP100 Enterprises list.


ADAMA once again secured the top ranking with a remarkable sales revenue of 30.041 billion yuan. Rainbow claimed the second spot with an impressive sales revenue of 11.485 billion yuan. Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical. Co., Ltd. followed closely, taking the third position with a sales revenue of 11.285 billion yuan.


Analyzing the collective sales achievements of this year's top 100 enterprises, the cumulative sales of the TOP100 reached 261.346 billion yuan, reflecting a 20.22% decline from the corresponding period of the previous year. The entry threshold for the TOP100 has also seen a slight reduction, dropping from 662 million yuan last year to 606 million yuan. Among these enterprises, 12 have surpassed the 5-billion-yuan mark in sales, with 4 of them achieving the significant milestone of 10 billion yuan in sales. The combined sales of the top ten companies stand at 102.723 billion yuan, which, despite a 21.29% decrease compared to the previous year, still represents a substantial 39.31% of the total sales of the TOP100; The number of companies with sales exceeding 1 billion yuan has decreased by 5 to 73.

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