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CHICO upgrades COOSA® to offer integrated crop nutrition and spider mite controlqrcode

Mar. 24, 2023

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Mar. 24, 2023

Chico Crop Science Co., Ltd., recently upgraded its exclusive patent product COOSA® to version 2.0. With doubling efficacy, it can help reduce the cost of agricultural inputs, as well as fulfill the dual needs of crop nutrition and spider mite control for fields and gardens.

As a nutrient for crop growth and development, a fertilizer is an essential agricultural input. Rational fertilization is one of the technical procedures that ensure yield increases in agricultural products, as well as an important method for improving overall agricultural productivity.

In recent years, with the implementation of the "green farming, low carbon and energy conservation" initiative, most growers around the world tend to use crop nutrition products that offer several advantages, such as good efficacy, low cost and high profitability. Nowadays, people gradually realized that conventional chemical fertilizers can not longer meet the requirements of changing planting conditions and sustainable agricultural development, resulting in the declining market share of traditional fertilizers.

While conducting market surveys and filed visits in different planting regions, Chico’s team learned that spider mite management has become a widespread challenge in terms of greenhouse cultivation and fruit tree planting for growers. Spider mites pierce into plant tissue to absorb their sap, damaging leaves, stems, flowers and other plant tissues, and resulting in defoliation and the failure of nutrient uptake by plants, as well as reduced crop yields and income for growers. The conventional control methods for spider mites are used to apply pesticides or natural enemies to combat spider mites, which have obvious disadvantages, such as the problem of pesticide residues, unstable control efficacy and environmental pollution.

The mission to achieve diversified ecological development in agriculture has inspired Chico’s technical team to think about the question: Can we develop a product that can integrate crop nutrition with the green control of spider mites?



COOSA® is an amino acid-based fertilizer with a unique bio-stimulant, which is combined with multi-function fertilizers based on N, K macro elements and trace elements. This product does not only rapidly replenish nutrition to promote strong and solid foliar growth, but it also protect flowers and fruits to achieve a significant yield increases.
Furthermore, this product can effectively resist mites through its biological stimulant effect.

Based on its current application function, Chico Crop Science has improved and upgraded COOSA, greatly enhancing the biological activity of the bio-stimulant, and enabling the product to become more effective and competitive on the market.

Upgraded nutrient content that better suits crop nutritional needs


≥ 11 %

Amino Acid

≥ 10 %

Total Trace Elements


≥ 2.0 %

″We are glad to introduce this product into the premium cash crop market in the Middle East and South America. Our pioneering product is an effective combination of mite management and crop nutrient supplement. The bio-stimulant contained in COOSA® is highly selective for spider mites but extremely low risk to beneficial insects,’ said Michel Mi (Technical Director of Chico).

″As an effective supplement of acaricide, COOSA contains comprehensive nutrients to meet the organic and inorganic nutrient needs of crop growth,″ he added.

For more information, please contact: info@chicocrop.com and WhatsApp: +8619928797231

About Chico (www.chicocrop.com)

Chico Crop Science Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, which has won many national awards and gained invention patents. Chico focuses on developing and supplying growers with whole series of agricultural inputs covering crop nutrition, seed treatment and the systematic control of crop diseases, insect pests and weeds. Over many years, Chico has accumulated valuable end-user experience and always worked hard on promoting next-generation technological innovations, in support of green and sustainable agricultural development.


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