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Pop Vriend Seeds introduces KWS INITIO: the new, efficient seed treatment technology for beans and spinachqrcode

Sep. 23, 2022

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Sep. 23, 2022

A good and healthy start is essential for the performance of a crop. With the right seed treatment, growers can realize an increased vigor and quality and a higher initial growth speed of the crop. With KWS INITIO, Pop Vriend Seeds now offers a new treatment for bean and spinach. KWS INITIO is a nutrient-rich coating that gives a strong and uniform start to bean and spinach seeds, enabling the crop to reach its full growth and yield potential.


Anita van Nieuwenhoven

KWS INITIO is a reliable and sustainable seed treatment that contributes to a more uniform plant development by giving the seed direct access to micronutrients. One of the focus points of Pop Vriend Seeds is to give growers the best possible guarantee of achieving the highest yields. KWS INITIO can help to live up to that ambition. Anita van Nieuwenhoven, Seed Treatment Specialist at Pop Vriend Seeds / KWS Vegetables, explains: "In the past 4 years, we have tested many different seed coatings to identify products that are beneficial when conditions are not optimal and that are safe for the seeds. The components in KWS INITIO stimulate root development and a more uniform and vigourous growth. With KWS INITIO, we see that plants show a greater tolerance to harsh conditions."


Higher bean seedling survival rate, higher spinach plant emergence

As a result of better early nutrition, growers see the benefit in crop establishment, early season growth, and the ability to withstand challenging growing conditions. ″We clearly see a faster and earlier plant development with KWS INITIO compared to untreated seeds,″ says Manfred Hansi, Agricultural Technician ETG, Austria. Anita adds: ″Our trials with bean crops in different locations in Europe show an increased vigor in 66% of the cases compared to untreated seeds. When looking at spinach, we see a higher plant emergence with KWS INITIO in 75% of the trials.″


Pop Vriend Seeds builds on technologies of KWS

Pop Vriend and KWS benefit from each other’s research and production techniques. KWS INITIO is one of those results. KWS introduced INITIO already in 2019 for corn and later for other crops such as sugar beet and cereals. Pop Vriend has further developed the seed treatment specifically for beans and spinach.


KWS INITIO treatment as extra service to growers

As of January 1, 2023, Pop Vriend will offer KWS INITIO in Europe and Turkey as a service product for the next two years. That means that growers who grow bean or spinach varieties from Pop Vriend, will get KWS INITIO as an additional service. This allows customers to experience the benefits of seeds treated with KWS INTITO for themselves.

About Pop Vriend Seeds and KWS

Pop Vriend Seeds is a successful Dutch vegetable seed company, operating in over 100 countries worldwide. We focus on a limited number of crops, with the goal to be the best within those crops. We are a proud world leader in hybrid spinach and swiss chard seeds, a major player in bean seeds and we have a growing portfolio in red beet. Since 2019, we are a part of the KWS family. KWS is a European independent and family-owned company based in Germany that focuses on plant breeding for sugar beet, corn, cereals, oil and protein plants, sorghum, catch crops and vegetables. KWS Vegetables is the vegetable unit of KWS. It operates under the brand names KWS Vegetables for the fruity crops (cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, and (water)melon) and Pop Vriend Seeds for the open field crops (beans, spinach, swiss chard and red beet).

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