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Pilarquim contributes to tobacco industry in Nicaraguaqrcode

Sep. 9, 2022

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Sep. 9, 2022

Nicaragua's tropical climate is ideal for growing tobacco, with 3,663 hectares under tobacco cultivation according to FAO 2020. Recently, Pilarquim launched two products which significantly increase the quality of tobacco production in Nicaragua.

PILARVIGO (Hymexazol + Metalaxyl-M 366 g/L LS) not only is effective against soil diseases, but also can induce vigor of crops. Field trials have been arranged in multiple locations in Nicaragua. In those trials, we observed that PILARVIGO treated tobacco is healthier and stronger than commercial products treated ones. In addition, PILARVIGO treated field presented better control of soil fungi, such as Phytophthora parasitica, Rhizoctonia spp., and Phytium spp., with ten percent average control rate higher than commercial control field.


Figure A is the effect of PILARVIGO after 28 days of application and Figure B is the effect of commercial control after 28 days of application.

The other product Pilarquim launched is PROMAGIA (0.136% Gibberellic acid + Indol-3-ylacetic acid + 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid), a plant growth regulator that effectively increases yields by promoting crop growth and strengthening resistance to abiotic stress. Local field trials indicated that PROMAGIA can increase the size and weight of tobacco leaves. Tobacco plantations were surprised by the magical efficacy of PROMAGIA.



Figure C is the tobacco leaf after PROMAGIA treatment, with an average weight of 2.56lb and an average length of 19.31cm. Figure D is the tobacco leaf after commercial control, with an average weight of 2.20lb and an average length of 17.67cm.

Pilarquim has always been an innovative company, dedicated to crop protection and creating value for our customers. Pilarquim will continue to work closely in the future with its partners to provide the Nicaraguan growers with more high-quality crop protection solutions.


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