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Expointer 2022 – Technology reduces costs with fertilizersqrcode

Sep. 2, 2022

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Sep. 2, 2022

FertiSystem 5.jpgFertiSystem presented new metering technologies that help optimize the precise distribution of nutrition to plants at Expointer 2022.

FertiSystem's solution makes it possible to use inputs as correctly as possible without waste.

″What was applied in any way started to become expensive, and now it is necessary to use the correct amount, neither more nor less, but the closest to the ideal,″ commented agricultural engineer Rafael de Souza Luche, Commercial Manager at FertiSystem.

He stated that planting technologies, such as fertilizer dosers, are important coadjuvants in planting, as they make the correct dosage of plant nutrition according to the needs of each crop.

An example of a tool contributing to the planning and decision-making of the planter calibration operation is the Dose Certa APP, from FertiSystem.

Dosador de sementes e adubos TXF MB - FertiSystem.pngFertiSystem 2.jpg

It is a simple technology that helps the operation and the planting calculations with precision in the adjustment of the machine.

″It ensures that the farmer does not waste fertilizer due to adjustment errors, with direct results in productivity and savings for planting,″ Luche explained.

Rafael de Souza Luche.jpg

Rafael de Souza Luche, Commercial Manager at FertiSystem

Another planting technology that facilitates the operation is the fertilizer application control system via smartphone or tablet, the TXF MB (Fixed Rate Mobile).

Also from FertiSystem, the system enables the dosage and deposition of the fertilizer in the soil more precisely, giving accurate control to what happens to the implementation during the activity.


″From inside the tractor, the customer can adjust the adjustment and dosage of the fertilizer in a very simple way, without stopping. This optimizes the operation; for example, if in a certain field he needs a specific amount, and in the next field he needs less, he makes the adjustment and continues the work without interrupting the machine,″ the company manager explained.

″The tools are designed for the best results in the field. And the best result is to increase productivity and improve customer competitiveness,″ he said to AgroPages, which is especially covering Expointer 2022.

″Our role will be alongside our partners, promoting proper use, correct maintenance, and periodicity in a way that offers the best possible result from all the tools we make available to the farmer,″ he highlighted.

FertiSystem.jpg    FertiSystem 4.jpg

Before the start of the Russia-Ukraine war and problems such as those related to exports from China and sanctions applied against Belarus that had an impact on the price of potassium chloride, the pandemic and the increase in sea freight, the costs of fertilizer for the agricultural production were not as significant.

In 2021, the increase in prices reached unprecedented levels, and this high scenario began to weigh on financial planning and, consequently, on the producer's profitability.

Technology has become even more of an essential ally to ensure the margins do not reduce further.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)


Source: AgroNews
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