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USA - BASF and WinField United roll out new offer with an eye on sustainable ROIqrcode

−− New offer available through aligned local retailers will focus on driving yield stability, backed by a warranty to reduce risk for farmers

Jun. 17, 2022

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Jun. 17, 2022

For the 2022 crop year, farmers who work with participating local retailers will be able to enroll in the 2022 Corn Impact Rx™ Plant Health offer from WinField United. Similar to other prescription services available from WinField United, this offer features select BASF products paired with specific field-level agronomic recommendations that is backed by a warranty.* If yields do not meet a pre-determined threshold, they will receive payments through their local retailer that come from WinField United.

“We recognize that farming is the toughest job on earth, which is why we never let our foot off the gas pedal when it comes to providing farmers with innovative solutions to help them succeed,” said Scott Kay, Vice President of U.S. Crop Protection, BASF Agricultural Solutions. “Innovation spans well beyond the labs and fields, though. We are promoting select BASF products with WinField United to provide agronomic insight-based recommendations to improve plant and soil health while eliminating the investment risk for farmers. BASF is committed to helping farmers become more carbon efficient, and this program promotes more sustainable practices through improved nitrogen use efficiency that can be achieved by using BASF fungicides to maximize plant health and optimize yields."

There are several requirements a farmer must meet to participate in the program. First, they need to have selected a hybrid from WinField United that has a medium to high response-to fungicide (RTF) score. RTF scores are developed with data from the Answer Plot® program to help local retailers make tailored, specific hybrid recommendations based on years of replicated field trials.

From there, farmers need to have a field clear of weeds with an acceptable plant stand and a sufficient fertility program in place to determine the approved yield benchmark for the field, which is 105 percent for corn.

“This program provides a total acre solution with agronomic insights, products and tools to deliver a more predictable ROI with reduced risk and environmental sustainability,” said Jamie Leifker, vice president of research and development, agronomy and product development, WinField United. “By joining forces with BASF, this program promotes agronomic excellence that ends with a positive result for farmers.”

Farmers who participate will receive a field-level prescription plan that includes a premium BASF fungicide, such as Veltyma®. fungicide paired with MasterLock® adjuvant from WinField United. The plan will include precise application timing recommendations developed through in-season scouting support from the local retailer.

“This program sets farmers up for success with its end-to-end approach, from seed selection and keeping fields clean of weeds to in-season plant health efforts that deliver predictable and positive results,” said Kay. “Alongside the proven results from RevX fields and WinField United’s Answer Plot data, we hope this program allows to farmers to experience that extra security needed when making these important decisions.”

Veltyma fungicide and the Advanced Acre Rx prescription program have both been available to farmers for two years. During that time, BASF placed more than 400 Veltyma field trials across the United States, giving farmers the national validation that the product works with an average of 11 bu/A advantage over untreated, while providing a local view of performance with similar soil, water and disease situations to help famers make well-informed decisions.

There is a fee associated with the offer, but if a farmer’s customized plan does not achieve 105 percent of Approved Yield, they will receive a service warranty payment from WinField United. Based on Answer Plot results from two growing seasons, this approach has increased ROI potential by up to $83 per acre on corn acres.

“The results of our Advanced Acre Rx prescription program speak for themselves, but none of the success would be possible without the localized expertise of our local retail partners,” said Leifker. “We are excited to partner with BASF to provide this offer to farmers, as they work with their local retailers to finalize plans for the coming growing season.”

The Advanced Acre Rx program can help farmers get started on their sustainability journey. By harnessing WinField United’s comprehensive data and scientific approach to crop management, the program is creating and shaping new outcome-based markets that value how farmers manage their fields as much as final yields. For such opportunities, farmers can utilize the Truterra Carbon Program to monetize the carbon-capture in their fields.

Farmers can enroll for this program until July 15, 2022. For more information, visit WinFieldUnited.com or talk to your local WinField United affiliated retailer.

*Agreement is required, and conditions, restrictions and service fees apply. The Approved Yield goal for corn is 105%.  Due to factors outside of WinField United’s control, results to be obtained cannot be predicted or guaranteed by WinField United. Results may vary.


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