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Pesticide-compatible biostimulant platform launched in Brazilqrcode

Apr. 6, 2022

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Apr. 6, 2022

The agrochemical company, Sipcam Nichino, announced, to AgroPages, the coming launch of a technological platform for biostimulants recommended for use on all crops and compatible with pesticides.

According to the company, it is a “technologically advanced resource aimed at enhancing the productive potential of crops, from planting to harvesting.”

Three products from the platform are already sold individually in Brazil for use on dozens of crops, which are Abyss, Blackjak and Nutex Premium. The Stilo Verde brand will also be added to this portfolio in May.

“The Research & Development Department, with the support of consultants, studied, in depth, alternative, sequential and complementary methods of application involving the four products of the platform during the various agricultural stages of crops,” said Sipcam Nichino Brasil agroeconomist Fabiano Meyer, a specialist in market/product development, biostimulants and herbicides.

“From a general point of view, the Biostimulant Platform reduces the stress on plants caused by adverse weather conditions. It also activates crop defense systems, increases the uptake of nutrients and water, and encourages increased productivity and profitability,” he added.

According to Meyer, in all crops that were studied, higher levels of root development, improvements to structure, developments to the aerial parts of plants, greater fixation in pods and fruits, and better plant health were recorded.

“Specifically in soybeans, we witnessed a rise in the number of pods and heavier grains during harvest. In corn, in addition to better grain robustness, ears exceeded the size of those that received the standard treatment. In sugarcane, we found greater development in the aerial part of plants and gains in terms of tons of sugarcane per hectare (TCH). In coffee, heavier grains and higher quality fruit sets were obtained,” Meyer noted.

Sipcam Nichino's agronomist also stressed that all products from the Biostimulants Platform showed, in field studies, synergy and compatibility with other chemical matrix inputs, such as fungicides.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

Source: AgroNews


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