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China Registration Watch | Three novel pesticides granted registration the first time in China - picarbutrazox, bixlozone and thiorantraniliproleqrcode

Oct. 15, 2021

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Oct. 15, 2021

In September 2021, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs approved registration of 3 novel chemical pesticides: picarbutrazox, bixlozone and clomazone


Picarbutrazox (CAS: 500207-04-5) is a carbamate fungicide, its mechanism of action is to inhibit bacterial membranal formation; inhibit the growth of mycelial growth and spore germination; prevent and control Oomycetes diseases and blights. 


In 2017, Nippon Soda launched Pythilock, a fungicide containing picarbutrazox for control of Oomycetes fungal diseases such as gourd, tomato, leafy vegetable downy mildew and blights. Syngenta and Nippon Soda reached a seed treatment-oriented patent transfer agreement concerning picarbutrazox in 2018. In early 2021, picarbutrazox was registered in the United States, while Syngenta’s Vayantis was registered in the United States in March this year. In February 2021, the U.S. subsidiary of Nippon Soda entered into an exclusive supply agreement with FMC for the use of picarbutrazox for prevention and control of pythium in golf courses. In July 2021, Canada approved registration of picarbutrazox technical and its seed treatment VAYANTIS for corn and soybean seed treatment. In September 2021, picarbutrazox technical and formulations were granted registration in China, where picarbutrazox 10% is approved for prevention and control of cucumber downy mildew. 


Bixlozone (CAS: 81777-95-9) is a revolutionary herbicide from FMC R&D pipeline. FMC has launched to Australia a pre-emergence herbicide Overwatch containing bixlozone, which inhibits the biosynthesis of carotenoids in susceptible weeds, being used in barley, wheat and rape for control of annual rye grass (including herbicide-resistant grass).


Bixlozone and clomazone were disclosed in a same patent in 1981, they have similar activity and mechanism of action. At that time, FMC only chose clomazone for research and development. Today, bixlozone is officially released to market, with continued global application expansion. Bixlozone was fully registered in Australia in April 2020, followed by registration in China in September 2021. Bixlozone is approved for use in removal of annual broadleaf weeds in winter wheat fields. FMC plans to make releases in Europe, Brazil and Asia in the coming years. FMC estimates that sales of bixlozone may reach a peak value of $500 million.


Thiorantraniliprole is a compound developed by Qingdao University of Science and Technology, its mechanism of action is same as chlorantraniliprole, which belong to ryanodine receptor activator.


In September this year, Zhejiang Yulong Biotech Co., Ltd filed for thiorantraniliprole technical 95% and thiorantraniliprole 10% SC, which have been approved in China for prevention and control of cabbage diamond back moth.

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