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Prothioconazole included in China’s import, export pesticide catalogue, benefiting legitimate prothioconazole registration owners in Chinaqrcode

Sep. 7, 2021

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Sep. 7, 2021

Prothioconazole included in China’s import, export pesticide catalogue, benefiting legitimate prothioconazole registration owners in China


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On 31st August, 2021, Prothioconazole was officially included in the import and export pesticide catalogue of the People’s Republic of China (2021 Edition), under pesticide commodity No: 2933990017; purpose of use: fungicidal.

Previously, prothioconazole technical produced in China was exported as a chemical product, with an export tax rebate of 13%. Today, the export tax rebate for the product exported as a pesticide is reduced to 9%, which is a disadvantage for companies that exported the product as a chemical, as this will reduce export profitability.

However, after prothioconazole is classified as a pesticide, its exportation will be better regulated, which is a real advantage for legitimate prothioconazole registration owners in China. According to the China Pesticide Information Network, there are currently only five prothioconazole registration owners in China, including Shandong Hailir chemical co.,ltd. This is the first batch of prothioconazole registrations in China and the only batch of prothioconazole registrations so far.

Hailir’s prothioconazole technical began production in 2020, with an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons, and its phase II will include an automated workshop with a capacity of 6,000 tons per year. The product successfully passed the EU’s equivalence determination, paving the way for its entry to the European market. The prothioconazole product series are expected to become Hailir’s dominant product portfolio. 

The inclusion of prothioconazole in China’s import and export pesticide catalogue will be conducive to Hailir’s immediate expansion in overseas pesticide markets and will bring about new development opportunities for the company.

Prothioconazole is a novel triazolthion fungicide, which offers the advantages of broad-spectrum, high effect, low toxicity and low residue, fitting the needs of modern pesticide development. Prothioconazole is mainly used to control grain diseases affecting mainly peanut, rape, rice, wheat and barley, as well as beans, sugar beets and field vegetables. 

In addition, prothioconazole can control soil borne diseases and major leaf diseases affecting rape and peanut. It has a wide range of applications and features flexible use, rapid plant absorption, satisfactory rain fastness and long-lasting effect. These advantages make it a new leading pesticide for preventing and controlling plant diseases. In 2019, international sales of prothioconazole reached $860 million.

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