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Metamifop+Cyhalofop-butyl expected to become a star product in paddy rice of herbicide marketqrcode

Aug. 12, 2021

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Aug. 12, 2021

Field trials on Metamifop + Cyhalofop-butyl, a product of the Jiangsu Fuding Chemical, have been on the market for a year, and with farmers showing faith in the product, sales are expected to double in the next rice season.

Jiangsu Fuding Chemical Co., Ltd is a Chinese domestic Metamifop manufacturer that runs production lawfully and in compliance with regulations.

In 2018, the company was granted a Metamifop technical 96% registration (reg No. PD20181298). Its actual content of active ingredient reached 97% to 98%, which is currently being sold lawfully and stably, at a quantity of two tons per day.


(Picture of Metamifop 98% TC,from Jiangsu Fuding Chemical co.,ltd)


Jiangsu Futian Agrochemical Co., Ltd, the formulation plant of Jiangsu Fuding chemical, is engaged in formulation production and sales in the Chinese market for more than 20 years. The company focuses on rice and wheat-oriented agrochemical development and marketing and owns more than 130 formulation product registrations. So far, the mainstream formulations developed by the company include Metamifop 8%+ Cyhalofop-butyl12% EC and Metamifop 10%+ Cyhalofop-butyl 30% EC (commodity name: Qianmachu).


Jiangsu Futian Agrochemical Co., Ltd provides the following formulations to the domestic market:


1.  Metamifop 8% + Cyhalofop-butyl 12% EC;

2.  Metamifop 10% + Cyhalofop-butyl 30% EC;

3.  Metamifop 10% + Cyhalofop-butyl 10% EC;

4.  Metamifop 10% EC


Metamifop 10% + Cyhalofop-butyl 15% EC is remarkably effective in the control of barnyard grass in the paddy field. In a farmer’s paddy filed in Suzhou, one-half field was covered with barnyard grass while the half was planted with rice seedlings. Nine days after the application of this mixture, the resistant barnyard grass all died and only left rice seedlings alive.



Moreover, field trials which were conducted in Jiangsu Province revealed that metamifop 10% + cyhalofop-butyl 10% EC can effectively prevent and kill white-root barnyard grass, crabgrass and digitaria chrysoblephara in the paddy field.



 Before using Metamifop +Cyhalofop


After using Metamifop  +Cyhalofop  for 9 days 

In addition to farmer satisfaction in China, Metamifop + Cyhalofop-butyl is exported to Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam, where the product has also shown a remarkable effect in controlling barnyard grass.In the high-temperature and drought-stricken Southeast Asian countries, the Metamifop and cyhalofop-butyl mixture also suitable for drought rice field. It is only need to recommended that farmers undertake application of this mixture later in the afternoon on high-temperature of summer days.



Concerning the phytotoxicity of metamifop, Jiangsu Fuding Chemical, after year-long large-area field trials in many provinces, has made a detailed summary of experience and made the following recommendations to avoid pesticide damages:


1.   Persevere use in 3-3.5 leaf stage;

2.  The use of Metamifop + Cyhalofop-butyl mixture is more effective than sole use of Metamifop 10% EC.

3. In case of aerial application and manual application, spraying of the Metamifop +Cyhalofop-butyl mixture should not be repeated.

4. After application, irrigation is recommended four days later, which is good for control and safety. (In the rainy season, it is recommended to open field gap after application to avoid the accumulation of water and flooding of heart leaf).

5. From their experience in early rice, the control of barnyard grass before the 5 leaf stage (containing barnyard grass, and weeds resistant to Bispyribac, penoxsulam) is very good.

6.  Within 10 days of the application, flooding of the heart of the leaf will harm the rice. Flooding of the heart of rice leaf should be avoided.

7.  Metamifop and Cyhalofop-butyl mixture shows 100 percent control of barnyard grassWhen have cyperus in filed, can be mixable with MCPA-Dimethylammonium. In the case of having broad leaves, fluroxypyr 20% EC can be mixed with Metamifop+Cyhalofop for application to enable the paddy weeds to be completely controlled.

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