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Jul. 21, 2021

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Jul. 21, 2021

Then come to the stage of interface delivery. When droplet touch crop leaves, the largest droplet deposition is expected by means of enhancing fast wetting and broad spreading while controlling splash or rainfastness at the least level.
BESTWET 006 distinguished out of most market well-known adjuvants with above mentioned synergistic function(Table 2), particularly exhibited strong wetting and obvious spreading superiority on both of water-loved or water-hated crop leaf surfaces.


Figure 4. Observation on droplet bounce by ix-Camera
Droplets with BESTWET006 reduce risk of splash on foliar


Table 2. Comparison on characterization among BESTWET006 and synergist A, B


Figure 5. Uniform spreading of pesticide with BESTWET006 on citrus leaf surface

On the other side, Series of field trials (with/without Synergist BESTWET 006) were carried out toward certain pests on various crops and by areas.

Field Case

To test pesticide control effect on thrips in vigna at 24hrs/ 48hrs by addition of Synergist BESTWET 006,


Table 3. Concentration/dilution of treatments


Figure 6. 24-48hrs pesticide control effect of treatments

*Comparison between treatments 2# and 1# indicate that when BESTWET 006 was introduced to conventional anti-thrips pesticide (20% Pleocidin SC), an obvious synergy effect was observed.
Same synergy effect of BESTWET 006 was verified on combined pesticides (20% Pleocidin SC+5% Acetamiprid EC), when you compare data between treatments 3# and 4#.
*Treatment 5#, named as Delegate® DOW, a well-known useful pesticide of 25% Spinetoram WG against thrips, was treated as control. Comparison among 2#, 4# and 5# showed that BESTWET 006 did improved pesticide efficacy, presenting superior effect then Delegate® both in 24h and 48h.

At the final stage of in-vivo translocation, the more the active was translocated into foliar , the better efficacy it may express. Pyraclostrobin ranks the No.1 globally saled fungicide while still enjoy broad market prospect. As one of the important strobilurin fungicides, its particular formulations like 25% Pyraclostrobin EC, 9%Pyraclostrobin CS and 60% Pyraclostrobin+ metiram WDG are well applied to paddy rice, soybean, cucumbers and other crops.

Pyraclostrobin may give fast efficacy and is relatively safer to crop. But due to its weak systemic capability, less active can be conducted to target. Those in-vivo metabolism condition differs active efficacy expression in various formulation form. Emulsifiable concentrate exert the best permability, especially benefit for monsoon application. Suspension concentrate and Microcapsules are safer formualtions with low aquatic toxicity while efficacy is not that desirable. How to balance water based formulation with superior active conduction? SYNERGIST SP-TM08 has outperformed most other adjuvants which exert in-vivo translocation function with pyraclostrobin.


Figure 7. Test of synergistic ability of SYNERGIST SP-TM08 on prevention of cucumber powdery mildew

Trial was conducted on prevention of cucumber powdery mildew(Fig 7). Treatments include a market 25% pyraclostrobine SC, 25% pyraclostrobine SC with adjuvant A, 25% pyraclostrobine SC with SYNERGIST SP-TM08, 9%Pyraclostrobin CS, 9%pyraclostrobin CS with SYNERGIST SP-TM08 and 25%pyraclostrobin EC as control. Figure X shows SYNERGIST SP-TM08 provides obvious synergistic effect to conventional pyraclostrobin SC or CS and the combined efficacy may even surpass efficacy of EC formulation. Series of evaluation also goes to watermelon anthracnose, muskmelon powdery mildew and other crop with diseases.Trials all approved in-vivo translocation effect of SYNERGIST SP-TM08 on systemic actives.


Figure 8. Sinvo team work in field with SYNERGIST SP-TM08 on different crops

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