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SINVOCHEM’s novel synergistic solution to the full delivery stages of pesticide – Chapter 1qrcode

Jul. 21, 2021

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Jul. 21, 2021

Low utilization rate of pesticide is regarded as a common issue in agrochemical section. The reason to this negative result is quite complicated while it just inspired scientist’s passion on problem-shooting and their sustained searching for optimal solution.
As is known to all, active delivery of pesticide experience 4 stages from tank mix(AIs’ dispersion and diluted solution ) to air space (nozzle spray), then interface (crop foliar) and finally in-vivo translocation(target inside). Unfortunately, the truth is that active also suffers great loss along the same delivery route. Figure 1 displayed the degree of active loss at each mentioned stage.
We have to say a well formulated pesticide will exert extremely limited efficacy. Thus, effort of synergy research deserves to be focused on those delivery stages, so as to compensate potential loss of efficacy. Based on this principle, Sinvochem carried out series of lab/field research and launched his novel synergists, aiming for the full play of efficacy and bioavailability.


Figure 1. Investigation on Delivery of AI.

During tank-mix stage, in aim of realizing comprehensive crop protection or pest control, packaged pesticide is designed by agronomists and its spray solution can be recognized as a mixture of multi-actives formulation in form like SC, EC, EW, ME, DF,WDG, WP etc. Besides, to save time and labor, farmers prefer to combined usage of pesticide with fertilizers. With the popularity of Aerial application, optimal stability of formulations under low diluted fold becomes essential. All of such applied cases may arise incompatibility of each ingredients, which will finally result in various problems as flocculation, separation, sediment etc.

Adjuvant CONSISTENT may manage such incompatibility.

The trial was carried out on a packaged pesticide (one EC with two SC) plus potassium fertilizer, applied by air spray on paddy rice ( UAV, water volume 15L/ha).



Figure 2. Spray solution composition and stability observation among treatments (A/B/C)

Stability of Spray solutions (sample C/B/A) are observed by TURBISCAN. Turbulence arising in Fig 2. of sample B compared with sample C, means that when the spray solution was added with foliar fertilizer (KH2PO4), significant particle migration occurred, like flocculation and settling, making solution physically unstable. Then, reduced turbulence was found in Fig 2 of sample A, when adjuvant ”CONSISTENT” was added. It demonstrates that “CONSISTENT” gives positive effect to spray solution stability, improving compatibility between pesticide and foliar fertilizer during tank mixing process.

During the stage of air space delivery, drift causes farmers’ biggest concern. Meanwhile, droplet transpiration occurs under high temperature and low humidity condition in particular. To simulate true application scenario, Sinvochem set up low speed wind tunnel system to mimic behaviour of spray droplet, through repeated analysis on droplet size/ distribution, velocity, intensity of droplet break-up, etc.. Fortunately, adjuvant UNIFLY 001 is barged to the forefront.
Comparison among UNIFLY 001 and several commercialized adjuvants with aerial spray function demonstrated that UNIFLY 001 exhibits superior interfacial characterization and spray performance.(Table 1.)    

Keeping spray droplet in proper size is essential to drift control. Rounds of field trials further demonstrated UNIFLY 001’s ability of reducing drift and enhancing droplet retention.


Table 1. Comparision of interfacial performance among UNIFLY 001 and commercialized adjuvants(A/B/C)


001 32.5%苯甲醚菌酯SC+25%吡蚜酮SC+4506(E).jpg

002 45%戊唑咪鲜胺EW+350gL吡虫啉SC+4506(E).jpg    

Figure 3. Test of drift control ability of UNIFLY 001 on pesticide combination for aerial spray

To be continued, click here to see Chapter 2

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