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Agenda of 2021 CPEW Released! Make Virtual Participation to follow up the dynamics of China/India supply chain!qrcode

Jul. 14, 2021

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Jul. 14, 2021


Sponsor: Shaoxing East Lake High-Tech Co., Ltd.

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Track the trend of Chinese and Indian agrochemical market
Strengthen your relationship with suppliers
Seizing opportunities for business upgrading with China’s industry


Dear friends,


The fifth 2021CPEW will be held in Hangzhou China from August 26 to 27, 2021. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, many overseas audiences cannot attend CPEW at the scene, but hope to obtain conference materials (including presentation video, slides, etc.) in some way, to better track the dynamics of China's pesticide supply chain and end market opportunities.


We here open up Virtual Participation of 2021CPEW especially for those who have interests.To participate this way, one can log on to the conference link we provide on September 15 and to watch all the translated presentation online and download the slides of the relevant report.In addition, AgroPages will present additional bonuses to registered members, please see the end of this article for details.




CAC Forum - The development trend of global and Chinese agricultural industry


·         Changes of global agricultural economy and Chinese enterprises' countermeasures

      Ministry of Commerce, China


·         The construction of the whole agriculture value chain from Syngenta MAP's strategic layout

      Syngenta Group China MAP and Digital Agriculture


Discussion of pesticide supply chains 


·         Analysis of China's pesticide export data and policy updates regarding export only registration

China's Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) 


·         Analysis and the prospect of BASF's pesticide intermediate supply

   BASF (pending)


·         The development of fluorinated pyridine industry and the co-prosperity of upstream and downstream industries

      Industry Experts


·         The development opportunities of agrochemical industry brought by advantageous process engineering

      Shaoxing East Lake High-Tech Co., Ltd. 


·         How to avoid disorderly competition and create a healthy product growth cycle 

      Industry leading enterprises such as Lier Chemical


·         New Investment trends across major agrochemical and intermediate manufacturers in India in recent years

      Emkay Global Financial Services (India)


REACH24 Forum - Changes and opportunities in the end market 


·         The impact of product supply and demand, genetically modified crops and other end-market dynamics on the Brazil pesticide industry

      Industry Experts


·         UPL's international expansion and its product strategy in global terminal market



·         The growth opportunity of African agriculture

      SOLEVO Group (Swiss)

      Amiran Kenya (Kenya)

      TOPEX-CI (Cote d'Ivoire)


·         How to identify the market opportunity and the best route to access the east part of EU market?

      N-Sight Advisory Services (EU)


·         Exploring the Mexican market and the development status of the local formulation industry

      Grupo Dragon (Mexico)


·         The regulations, barriers and entry strategy of the Eastern European region of the EU



Virtual Participation

Price: $298

Early bird(register before 16, Jul) : $230 

You will get:

  •  Access to the recording videos and slides of every presentation, all in English (This workshop is not open for online participation and interaction)

  •  List and introduce your company, procurement needs and contact in the conference book of the event

  •  The contact book of the event

  •  Free access to the ICAMA registration database for three months

- 30,000+ registration leads with detailed specifications and application information

- 2,000+ registrants with detailed business profiles and contact information

- 1,500+ GLP information available for inquiry

- Online customer support

Please inquire agropages@vip.163.com for samples and more details.


The report of 2020 CPEW: 2020CPEW successfully held, attended by 500 participants, marking a new level of agrochemical industry exchange


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