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Gliforte, a unique glyphosate product with lower impact on environmentqrcode

Jun. 23, 2021

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Jun. 23, 2021

Humanity is struggling not only to survive because of COVID-19, but to live in better conditions, with ‘health’ being one of the words that has been most used over the last year and a half.  

Amid these changes, innovation and technologies have proved to be the keys to improve the quality of life. 

Currently, with the severe shortage of glyphosate, Gliforte has attracted the attention of the market and is being welcomed by customers for its unique characteristic of saving 30% of its active ingredients.

Acrom has unique technologies, patented and registered in several countries and Gliforte is the strongest of them. 

With three years in the market, Gliforte is the only Glyphosate with less impact on the environment, and 30% higher efficacy. Yet, with lower active ingredients it has demonstrated to be revolutionary among future herbicides, as Acrom has increased its market share, always maintaining very high quality. 

Besides the high efficacy, Gliforte has other important advantages:

  • Because it is a soluble powder, freight and handling costs are less than for a liquid formulation.

  • The manufacturing process uses no water, so there are no liquid or gas effluents whatsoever.

  • The product is packed in bags that use less space than jerricans, which means less handling, processing and return of packing costs for the farmer than with liquid formulations.

  • Gliforte is highly soluble in water (more so than a granule), so it is easy to handle.

  • Gliforte is fully compatible in a mixture with all other pesticides.


Gliforte is the strongest, yet the least harmful herbicide of Glyphosate products in the market and is the most cost-competitive product that farmers are looking for. Fewer active ingredients in the farmer’s soil are greatly appreciated.

The product is registered and patented in Brazil, Argentina, USA, and is now under registration in Australia and other countries. 

Gliforte is the solution for companies and farmers which look for:

  • Higher efficacy

  • Lower cost 

  • Fewer active ingredients in the soil

  • Lower residues on the crops

  • Lesser environmental impact


In the next two years, Acrom could triple its sales in the market, as the demand for such technologies increases each day, the company believes.

Acrom is an international company with mixed capital, with Beta Chemicals as one of its main shareholders. With its head office in Sao Paulo, Acrom has a production plant in Londrina in the south of Brazil, and has an active presence all over Brazil. It plans to launch operations in Argentina and Paraguay in 2022.

Source: AgroNews


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