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DVA Agro launches nano-structured, lipid-based, organic hydrocolloid nanotechnologyqrcode

Jun. 7, 2021

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Jun. 7, 2021

2007161212.jpgDVA Agro brings to Brazil the EffiK-One launch, equipped with the exclusive nano-structured, lipid-based, organic hydrocolloid nanotechnology (Organic Hydro Colloid), which can encapsulate active minerals, nutrients or other compounds in an aqueous environment, improving translocation and plant penetration efficiency.
The novelty, in addition to providing three important microelements for the crop: zinc, copper and manganese, which is fundamental for the development of crops, can also have another beneficial effect. It helps the plant to defend itself against attacks by pests and diseases.

The product technology has a copper translocation effect within the vascular pathway. “This action of copper, which is originally inert, with our technology, comes into contact with fungi and bacteria, helps the plant prepare for adversity and also helps in its recovery,” pointed out Andres de la Cruz Perez, Global Head of Crop Nutrition of DVA Group.

Most of the diseases that attack crops are difficult to control, and a good part of the organisms that cause them are anaerobic, that is, they do not need oxygen for growth. “When we put oxygen into this plant, you kill them naturally. And then the problem is how do you transport this O2 inside the trunk? Effik-One's nanotechnology does this. The producer is buying this ability to solve the problem,” he explained.

With the improved penetration and translocation performance of micronutrients in the crop, the producer has many benefits. “This allows them to stay healthy, develop their immune system and continue to be productive throughout their cycle. In other words, the crop can become resistant to the activities of pathogens that previously caused damage to its development,” he said in conclusion.

The product is also organic, audited by the European institution EcoCert, in addition to being the first by the German multinational to have the technology to enter the commercial market. It has already been tested on Brazilian soil in soybean, corn, garlic and banana crops.

To prove the benefits of Effik-One, DVA Agro tested its performance in the field in the municipality of Santa Rosa, Paraná, in the 2019/20 harvest. The study pointed out that in the applied area there was an increase in production of 3.7 bags/ha.
The difference is possibly linked to the effect of a greater supply of nutrients that the crop received due to the high technology of the formulation, which ended up generating greater strength and thus more protection, stated Bruno Francischelli, the agronomist and marketing coordinator of the company in Brazil.

Source: DVA Agro


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