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Sumitomo Chemical discloses line of growth regulators in Brazilqrcode

Apr. 12, 2021

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Apr. 12, 2021

Sumitomo Chemical discloses line of growth regulators in Brazil

Sumitomo Chemical presented the Soja Mais Program at the Rural Show Coopavel, digital version. It is based on growth regulators, with names such as MaxCel and ProGibb. They are plant hormones capable of altering the structure of plants and increasing the potential yield of crops. “Growth regulators are different from nutritional products, algae extract or biostimulants. Their function is to help the producer in the genetic and physiological management, exploring the maximum productive potential of the plant,” said agronomist Anderson Cruz, Sumitomo's technical sales representative.

MaxCel is composed of cytokinin - 6-BENZYLADENINE, a plant hormone to develop larger plants, shorter internodes, more shredded soybeans and a thicker stem. "Thus, the producer will have a more structured, uniform crop and more resistance to lodging," Anderson explained. 

ProGibb, on the other hand, is composed only of gibberellic acid and when applied at the beginning of the production phase, it stimulates flowering and reduces the natural abortion of flowers and pods. This material can be worked in the vegetative phase, recovering plants that have undergone climatic or phyto-toxic stress, with a direct result in the physiology and result of the crop.

Cruz also addressed farmers who are interested in planting crops in the clean and have peace of mind in the management of weeds. "It is for those who want a more structured soybean plant, with less chance of lodging and more productivity," he noted. From the practical result of ZethaMaxx in areas where it was applied, the agronomist spoke about the characteristics of the pre-emergent herbicide manufactured to control weeds with broad and narrow leaves, including those resistant and tolerant to glyphosate. This is another product in Sumitomo's portfolio that works to combat the initial bush competition and allows soybean to close in clean. And over time there is a reduction in the seed bank, according to the representative. 


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