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Apr. 9, 2021

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Apr. 9, 2021

Clethodim technical, the advantageous product of Chinese agrochemical company Hebei Lansheng Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lansheng"), successfully obtained the EU Technical Equivalence at the end of 2020, which proves that the quality of Lansheng’s Clethodim has reached the international level, AGROPAGES has learned recently. 

The certificate opened up a fast and efficient channel for Lansheng to enter the EU market, and also laid the foundation for the subsequent registration of its formulations.

Clethodim is a highly selective systemic herbicide with low toxicity and low residue. It is a key product for the prevention and control of a variety of weeds in many crops. It is also one of the world's best-selling herbicides, with sales that exceeded US$300 million by 2020 and still growing. 

Clethodim is mainly used for weeding in dry fields of more than 40 crops such as soybeans, rapeseed, cotton, peanuts, etc. It can effectively control a series of broad-leaved weeds, annual and perennial weeds of vegetables and fruit trees, such as barnyard grass, crabgrass, Setaria, goosegrass, wild oats, wild lily, bromegrass, bermudagrass, paspalum, wild sorghum, etc.

Currently, Lansheng has an 8,000t/a clethodim production line, which is the largest in the world. Its clethodim technical has a concentration of over 95%, making it the only company that can offer this level of quality in large quantities in the world at present. A higher concentration means fewer impurities, which effectively reduces the degradation of clethodim technicals. The degradation rate of formulations made with high concentrations of technicals can be controlled within 3%.


The company has advanced production technologies, with all production equipment going automatic, with some of the products in continuous production. This production process is more stable and safe, making the three wastes discharge process more regular and easy to manage, to obtain a more stable product quality.

Established in 2014, Hebei Lansheng Biotech Co., Ltd. (Lansheng Biotech) has been growing rapidly in recent years. Due to its considerable resources in the research, development and manufacturing of technicals, Lansheng Biotech ranked 65 on the list of China’s Top 100 pesticide companies in 2020, with total sales of over RMB1 billion ($154 million).

Lansheng is committed to creating a platform for innovation and cooperation in the fine chemical industry. The company is actively registering its flagship products in overseas markets and completing dossiers for product registration. At present, Lansheng is cooperating with more than 40 customers to register clethodim in over 20 countries and holds nearly 200 products registrations globally. 

To know more about Lansheng:  Lansheng Biotech: Creating another “Huawei” in the field of fine chemicals

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