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Sumitomo Chemical launches growth regulator for apples in Brazilqrcode

Mar. 9, 2021

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Mar. 9, 2021

The growth regulator Fysium (1-methylcyclopropene) is available in Brazil, a product of Sumitomo Chemical, the first of the brand in the market of agricultural products for application in post-harvesting. The debut of the Japanese company in this segment in 2021 meets the need of apple producers who are still harvesting.

“Due to the good climatic conditions observed in this cycle, the forecast is to have a harvest of high quality apples of good caliber, providing a good remuneration to the sector and offering excellent fruits to the consumer market”, said César Boff, the sales specialist of Sumitomo Chemical,. The fruit harvest in Brazil takes place between the months of February and May and is concentrated in the southern region, mainly in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Fysium prolongs the conservation period and the quality of the apple in the fruit storage environments (cold rooms) during the off-season. “This technology makes it possible for the marketing chain to have high-quality apples throughout the year, since the Brazilian harvest lasts only three months. The fruit is firm, crunchy, and maintains the same quality as when it was harvested ”, said Boff. Commercially, the application of the Fysium growth regulator increases the product offer period, adding flexibility to the sales window and increasing the farmer's revenues.

The growth regulator will be the first in a family of products for post-harvest fruit that the Japanese company will launch in the country over the next few years. In addition to apples, the company's focus is on crops, such as grapes and vegetables. The new product is being used successfully in several countries, including in Europe, Latin America, South Africa, Australia and the United States.

Sumitomo Chemical will market Fysium in the form of applied sales, in which the application of the product will be carried out by a specialized team under the responsibility of the Japanese company. “We will carry out the entire operation for the customer, which will bring more security and assertiveness in the use of the product. The applications are fast, taking a maximum of two and a half hours and are considered extremely safe ”, noted Boff.


Only one application of the product is sufficient to achieve the objectives. Fysium prolongs the quality of the fruit, allowing wholesalers and retailers to sell apples with freshness, juiciness and crispness, even several months after the harvest.

The company has invested in a sustainable solution, which does not generate waste or contamination of the environment. By using Fysium, for efficiency and performance, the producer reduces losses in the storage of fruits, which are the result of investment in inputs, such as water, fertilizers, fuel, pesticides and others during the growing period.

Sumitomo Chemical's strong presence in the apple culture should contribute to boosting the commercialization of Fysium. “The company maintains a highly important crop protection technology portfolio for apple growers. The objective is to continue investing in innovation, research and development for this culture, and to become the leading brand, also, in the post-harvest market ”, concludes Boff.


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