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InsuAgro is seeking opportunities in the "modify structures" age of Argentinaqrcode

Sep. 10, 2020

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Sep. 10, 2020


Insumos Agroquimicos SA is an Argentine company dedicated to the sale and distribution of plant protection products, with extensive experience in the agricultural market.

The company participates actively and indicatively in the business, through distribution agreements with major multinational companies (FMC, ISHIHARA and Arysta LifeScience) and the importation of assets for own products.

In the great changing ages and the unexpected macroeconomic environment of Argentina, the company developed in a stable speed estimating a growth of 13%. Rodolfo Vicetto, the Marketing Director of InsuAgro, told in AgroPages' interview that the key point of stable increase is their "best complementary line".

Please, briefly introduce the history and current development of InsuAgro, including its major markets, major products/services, and company scale and market position.

InsuAgro was created in 2002, and is a company entirely based on the national capital. Since 2006, it has been listed on the Argentinian Stock Market. We have a wide, strong and especially loyal distribution network. Currently, we have more than 50 product registrations formulated between our own and third parties. The wide recognition InsuAgro has from our clients allows us to position ourselves as the best complementary line on the market.

What is the distribution area of InsuAgro in Argentina?

We are a company specializing in the distribution of agrochemicals nationwide and we cover the entire productive region of the country. Although our main market is extensive crops (soybeans, corn, sunflowers, wheat and barley) we also have developed markets for industrial crops such as beans, peanuts, cotton and chickpea.


Are there any positive policies in Argentina? Argentina and Brazil are the two markets with huge potential. As compared with the high purchasing power of Brazil, how do you estimate the development of the Argentinian market?

The Argentine agrochemicals market has a lot of potential. Although the cultivated area has remained stable in recent years, the genetic potential of varieties and hybrids has grown year after year. This, apart from different problems of resistant weeds, diseases and insects makes the market increasingly competitive. This requires our company to be continually evolving in terms of the development and commercialization of new technologies that apply to crop protection.

What the revenue of InsuAgro in 2019? How do you evaluate your "increase"? Is this because InsuAgro has edged out the competitors? What is the USP or core value of InsuAgro?

InsuAgro's turnover for 2019 was US$32,000,000, and for this year we estimate a growth of 13%. Our sales have been growing continuously since 2015. This is due to the constant updating of the product line. For each problem that appears, we present a solution. We have also managed to structure our distribution network with personalized customer service and a very close commercial link. This has allowed us to grow both with regard to the participation of our clients as well as our participation in the general market.


Why do your customers choose InsuAgro? Is it because of the brand awareness of multinationals or InsuAgro's special service? In your distribution area, is the power controlled by growers, distributors or multinationals?

Knowing the needs and concerns of our clients is what positions us above the rest of our competitors. Likewise, the capacity and versatility of the response is what best characterizes us since business proposals are practically tailored to each client. Personalized customer service is related to the way each customer solves their needs. Not only is our sales force aivailable to support them, but also all the entire admnistration of our structure is focused on suporting the client.


How many distribution channels does InsuAgro have? How much focus is on the new product that InsuAgro is promoting in 2020? Could you introduce your distribution methods for this new product?

InsuAgro has more than 400 operational clients. For more than 10 years InsuAgro has been working on the development of Biostimulant products. In 2018, we launched the first product of this line, called STARFERT. Starfert is a biostimulant product based on plant strata, humic, fulvic acids, macro-nutrients and micronutrients. During the pre-commercial development and until the product was established commercially inclusive, we worked together with our distribution network and with a network of technicians/reference entities (INTA, Aaspresid, CREA) from each region to validate the results obtained in each crop and each region. We have managed to position the product with excellent results in all extensive crops and some regional crops such as bean and cotton.

Also this year we will incorporate products formulated in microemulsion. We are continuously seeking to incorporate products with low toxicity and environmentally friendly formulations.


What are the biggest opportunities InsuAgro is looking out for in 2020? And its biggest threats? 

We consider 2020 to be a year of many opportunities to capture new business. Both, the Argentine macroeconomic issue and the pandemic caused many companies to modify their structures. Having a small structure has some benefits, for example, a small structure can avoid the financial problems that large companies have, due to the enormous cost of their structure. Those most affected were companies with large structures to the advantage of companies with smaller structures such as InsuAgro. This is a great opportunity to continue growing and consolidating ourselves in the market.


About Insuagro

We are an Argentine company dedicated to the sale and distribution of plant protection products, with extensive experience in the agricultural market.

We participate actively and innovatively in the business, through distribution agreements with major multinational companies and the importation of assets for our own products.

Our trajectory allows INSUAGRO to consolidate itself as an innovative company in the  phytosanitary market, adding a portfolio with more than 50 records. We continue to work continuously to provide our customers with more and better solutions for the care of their crops.

Rodolfo Vicetto

Marketing Director

Tel: +54 9 3413202146


Source: AgroNews


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