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Apr. 23, 2020

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Apr. 23, 2020
Pilarquim has been committed to providing environmentally friendly and efficient pesticide products for local farmers since it entered the Guatemalan market, so as to better promote the development of local agriculture. Adhering to the concept of wholeheartedly providing quality services for farmers, the Pilarquim marketing team cooperated with local commercial partners to carry out a series of agricultural technical service activities in Guatemala for Pilartep 34.5 SC, Pilargold 48 CS, and Pestrin 28 ZC and other strategic products since January 2020.

Its agricultural fungicide, Pilartep 34.5 SC (Pyraclostrobin + Tebuconazole 345g/L SC), combines two active ingredients to deliver both preventive and curative properties. Pilartep is of higher quality in its formulation since it has a much smaller particle size, which allows it to be absorbed more effectively by the leaves of plants; it contains dispersing agents that reduce the surface tension of the mixture, which provides greater dispersion on the surface of plant tissues. Soon, field trials will be set up for different crops such as coffee, bananas, melons and vegetables in order to highlight the efficiency of Pilartep in controlling the main diseases that affect these crops. 
The agricultural herbicide, Pilargold 48 CS (S-Metolachlor 480g/L CS), is a selective pre-emergent for the control of grass, some broadleaf weeds and sedges. With an innovative slow-release microencapsulated formulation, Pilargold is more environmentally friendly and delivers a long-lasting residue control in the field. It can work on peanuts, corn, sugarcane, solanaceae, cucurbit, vegetables, strawberries, orchards, etc. In addition, it is a great alternative to be mixed with other herbicides to expand the spectrum of weed control.
Pestrin 28 ZC agricultural insecticide (Lambda-cyhalothrin + Clothianidin 280g/L ZC) is a mixture to control a wide spectrum of pests, in a special formulation that comes in a suspension of microcapsules (CS + SC), giving it the advantage of a controlled release of its active ingredients; it has a greater stability, high resistance to environmental degradation, is less toxic and causes less damage to human health. It has an excellent knockdown effect, a longer duration and is systemic. Since January 2020, Pilarquim has carried out several field trials on crops such as tomatoes, chrysanthemums, cabbages and potatoes. The performance of Pestrin 28 ZC in different pests proved excellent. In the case of chrysanthemums, some field trials were undertaken in areas affected by thrips with the objective of demonstrating its top-notch pest control. The result showed that Pestrin reduced the population of insects quicker compared to the most popular insecticides in the market. At the same time, a long-lasting residual control was also observed, and the pest population remained low even six days after application. Similar results have been observed in field trials to control potato psyllids. Semi-commercial plots will continue to carry out trials with Pestrin in different crops and pests to better publicize the product.

Pestrin 28 ZC against thrips in chrysanthemums was evaluated with excellent results for 6 days

Pestrin 28 ZC was evaluated against potato psyllid, excellent knockdown effect and residuality

In mid-2020, the products, Pestrin, Pilartep and Pilargold, will be launched in the market to facilitate the management of pests and diseases for growers in Guatemala.
In addition to field trials, Pilarquim has provided a series of other technical services with the objective to further implement the policy of providing high-quality services for growers, which has won the trust of local partners and farmers and laid a solid foundation for the launch of new products. In the case of a field day for peaches, the quality of Difecor (Difenoconazole 250g/L EC) was demonstrated. It had better solubility, emulsion and stability in comparison with other products in the market.

Chichicastenango, Guatemala, 2020.
Pilarquim has been cooperating with the Guatemalan agro-services in different locations for many years. Since January 2020, its marketing team has conducted a lot of training activities for producers and agro-services on the quality and new formulations of Pilarquim's products, introduced Pilarquim, what its goals are as a company and the formulations of its products.

The quality of the formulation of Pilarich 72 SC compared with Chlorothalonil 72 SC sold in Guatemala was demonstrated. The solubility, stability, and dispersibility of the droplets on the applied surface were observed. Pilarich demonstrates these qualities better. As soon as the product touches the water, they get wet and disintegrate rapidly in the process of being submerged into the water. Pilarich also has a greater dispersing power to spread evenly on the applied surface, which will allow it to be absorbed by plants with greater efficiency.

                                                                                                   Chlorothalonil 72 SC   vs   Pilarich 72 SC

Chlorothalonil 72 SC   vs   Pilarich 72 SC                                               Chlorothalonil 72 SC   vs   Pilarich 72 SC

Pilarquim is creating products that assist in the integrated management of pests and diseases for agriculture. Every day, Pilarquim is making advances in Guatemala with registrations, and soon, will launch new products and field days for all its business partners and producers to better learn about Pilarquim.
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