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Yutian Analysis: Sulfentrazone | Tagros fire broke placed Sulfentrazone on the spotlightqrcode

Apr. 15, 2020

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Apr. 15, 2020

Why Sulfentrazone?
On Tuesday, 8th April, 2020, a major fire broke out at Tagros Chemicals India Limited, which placed Sulfentrazone on the spotlight. 
Indian Exports
According to data from the AgroPages India Export Report, India exported a total of 2,440 tons of Sulfentrazone in 2019 valued at US$108 million. Tagros occupied almost the entire Sulfentrazone export market. The main exporters include Argentina, the United States (US) and Brazil.
The main component of Sulfentrazone is its core intermediate, Phenyl Hydrazine(CAS:100-63-0).
Tagros mainly imports the core intermediate for the production of Sulfentrazone from Zhejiang Xinnong and Qidong A&P Chemical, China.
Chinese Exports
China, together with India, as a major pesticide production country exported Sulfentrazone technical worth US$146 million, amounting to 3,942 tons, in 2019. The US has kept a stable annual import value of US$60 million to US$70 million until 2018 while the import values of Brazil and Argentina have increased year-by-year, exceeding the US in 2019. 
China also exports to other South American, Central American and African countries, such as Ecuador, Uruguay, Guba, Ghana and South Africa, at limited amounts and with no obvious increase in levels.
Destination of Chinese Exports in 2019/Value in US$
(Source: AgroPages China Pesticides Exporting Analysis System, data period 2015-2019).

How to analyze Sulfentrazone?
1. World demand
2. Supply-demand relationship
3. Five-year-price trend
4. Formulation changes
5. Main suppliers


1.World demand
Total demand of Sulfentrazone is 3,500 tons, with global sales reaching US$270 million in 2017.
2.Supply-demand relationship
There are 5 major players worldwide. China and India supply the US, Brazil and Argentina.
(The following illustrates the relations between each country)
3.Five-year-price trend
The price of Sulfentrazone 91% TC, 2015-2019 is as follows. Price experienced increase together with demand. The export amount reached its peak in 2018 then dropped as normal in 2019. At the end of 2019, prices sharply rose to US$38.87 per kg, compared to the normal average price of US$30 per kg.
4.Formulation changes
Sulfentrazone technical the most widely exported, 91%TC,95% TC, and 94%TC, following with 500g/L and 40% SC.
A Jiangsu company exported only 10 kilograms of sulfentrazone 97% TC to Brazil, which was an early indication in 2019.
5.Main suppliers
There were 20 Chinese companies exported Sulfentrazone. Jiangsu Lianhe, Baozhong & Baoda and Oriental Luzhou ranked the TOP 3. 
What is Sulfentrazone?
Sulfentrazone is a herbicide used mainly on corn, soybeans, sugarcane and tobacco. It has been popular in Latin America countries for 10 years for use against glyphosate-resistant weeds..
Source: AgroPages China Pesticides Exporting Analysis System, data period 2015-2019
《AgroPages China Pesticides Exporting Analysis System》
《AgroPages India Pesticides Exporting Report》
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