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Current status and future prospects of biological control - Interview with Casa Bugre | Agrivalleqrcode

Oct. 10, 2019

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Oct. 10, 2019
By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for Agropages
In an exclusive interview with Portfolio Manager of Casa Bugre | Agrivalle, Wagner Coladel, a player that gains relevance in the Brazilian market, he spoke about the current momentum and perspectives of the biological control segment, as well as the company's participation in the Biocontrol Latam 2019 event. The event took place at the end of August in the city of Campinas, São Paulo State, bringing together over 350 specialists worldwide.
How do you analyze the current momentum and perspectives of the biological control segment in agriculture?
The moment is one of intense movement in the segment, with frequent new registrations, more elaborate products, more expressive results in performance and significant and productive gains for farmers, as the positioning and use of organic products are improved. The prospects for the segment are very positive and encouraging, with great possibilities for growth in the participation of biological products in the insecticide, fungicide and nematicide categories. These possibilities drive the investments and acquisitions and mergers movements among companies in the segment, in Brazil and worldwide.
What news would you highlight from Biocontrol Latam 2019?
A breakthrough in more elaborate formulations is visible, which facilitates applicability, reduces dosages and improves the shelf life of products.
What solutions did Casa Bugre | Agrivalle present at the event?
The main highlight of Casa Bugre | Agrivalle was Shocker, a new product in the market and our launch of the year. It is an innovative product, composed of three organisms (two bacteria and one fungus), which revolutionizes the management of soil diseases in Brazil. The product was initially registered for Rhizoctoniosis and White mold.
What are the differences in the technologies of Casa Bugre | Agrivalle?
Our main differential is the mix of microorganisms. We began research in this direction 10 years ago by realizing that the more interactions between beneficial organisms in the soil, the smaller the space and greater the chances of success in pest and disease management.
How do you project the company's performance this year and in the next?
We are forecasting a 30% growth in 2019 and it seems that we will reach that figure. For the next four years, we expect to always grow above 20% per year, based on recent releases, which are expected by 2020, and a pipeline of approximately 15 new products that the research expects to make available over the next five years.
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