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Jun. 11, 2019

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Jun. 11, 2019
Lansheng · 2019 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) is scheduled to take place from 4th to 5th July in New Century Hangzhou Grand Hotel. The Workshop has had the honor to invite the presence of officials of ICAMA (Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Affairs) and PMFAI (Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India), who will share with all participants the latest pesticide industry dynamics in China and India. 

Moreover, the Workshop has invited the participation by major pesticide technical sourcing companies, pesticide intermediate experts and pesticide manufacturers across the globe, who will help industry practitioners to adapt to the changes in the global pesticide production setup so as to make proper procurement plan and market development strategy. See workshop agenda: 2019 CPEW
Up to date, more than 100 leading Chinese pesticide manufacturers and over 10 Indian pesticide manufacturers have registered for participation in the Workshop. Meanwhile global sourcing companies have been very active in participation, including buyers from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East. Here is the first group of overseas participant list: 
First Group of Overseas Participant List
Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Assocoation of India (PMFAI) 

PMFAI is India’s official pesticide industry association.
Aimco Pesticides Ltd

Aimco came into existence in India for nearly 50 years, being an agrochemicals and formulations production leading company in India. In 1996, Aimco already became a government certified exporter. Aimco’s insecticide, fungicide and herbicide products fill up totally 5% of the distributions of all Indian prime distributors and dealers, having been sold widely to worldwide market. 

Heranba Industries Ltd

Founded in 1994, Heranba is one of the Indian agrochemicals leading companies. At present time, Heranba is one of India’s largest Indian synthetic pyrethroid and intermediate manufacturers. The company has established broad distribution channels in India and the world, its business is growing at an amazing speed.

Krishi Rasayan Group of Companies

Founded in 1966, Krishi Rasayan is one of India’s prime agrochemicals manufacturers and exporters.  Krishi Rasayan has eight factories in India, having established branches in Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Nepal and mainland China. The company has three categories of pesticides as well as PGR technical and formulations, covering over 80 kinds of products. The company is in possession of an OECD certified GLP lab. Of the prevalent products on the market, the company takes up 25% of the market share. It is also one of the companies in India that has largest number of registrations of formulations. 

Agrisol India Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 2014, Agrisol is specialized in agrochemicals (active ingredients) and agrochemical intermediates businesses. The company is in possession of certain amount of crop protection product registrations in India, and now offers customized supply of active ingredients and intermediates. 

Meghmani Organics Ltd

Meghmani is an Indian agrochemicals manufacturer and exporter, being a leading pigment and pesticide manufacturer. The company has won a number of awards in India for its excellent business performance.

Crystal Crop Protection Limited
Crystal Crop Protection is a 34-year-old group engaged in the manufacturing, formulation, and local and global marketing of agrochemical products. Working relentlessly with farmers in order to contribute to sustainable agriculture in the country, Crystal has evolved as a market leader in the thriving agro-chemical industry of India. 

Hemani Industries Ltd

Hemani is an Indian manufacturer of dyestuff, dye intermediates, organic color developer, pesticide, pesticide intermediates and other special chemicals.  

Oc Specialities Pvt. Ltd 
Oc Specialities is an emerging specialty chemical company in India, focusing on providing customized solutions based on innovative research to service Crop Science, Life Science and Fine Chemical Industry.
Ratnabali Group 
Headquartered in Calcutta and founded in 1994, Ratnabali has successfully developed its businesses in agriculture, financing, investment and real estate. 
Asia (except India)
Nileda Group 

Founded in 2013, Nileda Group is a Cambodian agricultural material distributor, being engaged in import and sale of pesticide, fertilizer, seed and smart agricultural meteorological equipment. 

Asiatic Agricultural Industries Pte Ltd 

Founded in 1972, Asiatic Agricultural Industries is a Singaporean agricultural company specializing in manufacture and distribution of crop protection products as well as provision of agricultural solutions. The company also provides contract production to world leading cop protection product suppliers.

Hextar Chemicals Sdn. Bhd

Founded in 1985, Hextar is a Malaysian company engaged in crop protection management and planning, which provide global industries with pesticide and fertilizer research, development and production services. The company has a top-level lab in Malaysia, which ensures achievement of high-quality products. At present, the company is exporting its products to 35 countries. 
Farmcochem Sdn Bhd 

Farmcochem is a Malaysian agrochemicals and fertilizer industry leader, which has been present for 30 years. The company owns its diversified product mix, being capable of manufacture and supply of various fungicide, herbicide, insecticide and fertilizer products. Its market catchment area covers Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. In Malaysia, the company has a well-established R & D center and two factories accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Besides Malaysia, the company has set up branch offices in Indonesia and Thailand.

Ancom Crop Care is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed Malaysian company Ancom that was founded in 1969 when it first kicked off Malaysia’ agrochemicals and herbicide production bases. Today, the sales of the company has reached over RM1 billion. Ancom Crop Care is engaged in production and sale of various herbicide, insecticide and fungicide products. With its two factories in Malaysia, the company could serve local market very well while products are sold to Cuba, South America, Africa and Central Asia.
Kenso Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. 

Kenso is a Malaysian company with 40 years history of producing quality crop protection products. The company excels in quality control with its modern QA/QC and traceability systems. Kenso also focuses on formulation innovation to lessen the reliance on packaging and solvents. Using the latest SCADA batch traceability systems the Kenso Malaysia production facility produces many types of agrochemical products and is ideally located for distribution of products throughout the region and the world. Kenso’s modernized production facility in Zhenjiang China services local and export customers and produces a wide range of formulations.
ICP Ladda Co., Ltd 

ICP Ladda belongs to Ladda Group of Thailand, running a large variety of agricultural products. Founded in 1966, Ladda Group is a leading agricultural company in Thailand. After business development for many years, Ladda’s business portfolio has become more and more diversified covering various farming-oriented businesses, of which agrochemicals are taken care by ICP Ladda for sale via distributors and dealers all over Thailand.

Thai Agrotrade Co., Ltd 

Thai Agrotrade is an agricultural material distributor, being an agency dealer of Indian and Chinese agrochemicals for sale in Thailand. The products handled by the company are largely generic products, being 95% of its total agency products. Its import and export value exceeds CNY1 million and agency sale reaches nearly CNY1 million, covering products mostly for application to paddy rice and cassava. 

Global Ecotech Import Export Service Trading Company Ltd 

Global Ecotech is a Vietnamese importer. Its scope of business covers pesticide and fertilizer registration consultancy, brand image establishment, import and distribution of pesticide technical and formulation as well as fertilizer and pesticide additives. The company owns a number of pesticide registrations in Vietnam, and has established good business relationship with Chinese companies, where it provides assistance to Chinese companies in establishment of supply and brand image to enable Chinese companies to build up collaboration with local dealers, farmers and formulation manufacturers. 

A Chau BioChem Group Co. Ltd 

A Chau BioChem is a well-known Vietnamese agrochemical company, which takes up a significant market share in Vietnam. 
Sunseaco Co., Ltd
Sunseaco is an important agricultural material importer in Vietnam.
Azersheker LLC
Azersheker LLC is one of the largest agricultural companies in Azerbaijan. The company started operation since 2017, covering advanced farming practices for 50,000 hectares planting areas in 13 regions of Azerbaijan. Its crop protection covers sugar beet, soybean, corn and wheat. The company is currently looking for long-term and stable crop protection product suppliers. 

Ascenza (formerly Sapec Agro)

Ascenza has a history of agricultural business in Portugal extending back for 90 years. At present, the business of company ranks No.1 in Portugal (comprehensive market leader) and top 4 in Spain (ranking No.1 in generic pesticide sector), being a top 3 company in the market of Iberian Peninsula. In 2017, Sapec’s agrochemical business unit is divested, which was acquired by Bridgepoint Capital SA. In 2018, Sapec Agro was renamed Ascenza. 
Avgust Crop Protection
Founded in 1990, Avgust is the largest pesticide manufacturer in Russia. The company has six production bases, which are respectively located in Changzhou of China, Ukraine, Russia and East Europe.


HELM AG is a Hamburg-based family-owned company steeped in tradition and able to look back on a history spanning over 115 years. It is a multifunctional distribution company specializing in: Chemicals,Crop Protection,Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products and Fertilizers. Today HELM is one of the world's major independent chemicals marketing enterprises with more than 100 subsidiaries, sales offices and participations in over 30 countries.

Certis Europe

Certis Europe provides crop protection products and specialist knowledge for application to gardening, specialty crops and cultivated land in Europe. The company could combine its own products with products of partners (inclusive of shareholders) from Japan and other countries so as to create a broader product portfolio which helps European growers to grow healthy crops in greener manners. During the last 15 years of development, the sales of the company has increased eight times. Its business goal is to get into the top 5 crop protection companies in Europe.

Jebagro GmbH

Jebagro is a subsidiary of Jebsen & Jessen (GmbH&Co) KG, located in Hamburg, Germany. The company provides global growers with customized crop protection solutions. 
Hermoo Belgium N.V.
Hermoo is a leading crop protection product supplier in Belgium, being affiliated to AVEVE Group. Founded in 1966, Hermoo is specialized in crop protection practices. In 1970, the company developed generic products. In 1989, the company was acquired by AVEVE Group. Since 2005, its business has grown larger and quicker, being now a leading crop protection product manufacturer in Belgium. Via the branches of its mother company, it imports pesticide products from other part of the world. The company is currently supplying pesticide package, fertilizer, spraying appliance, bird repellent and greenhouse materials. The company has an office in Shanghai, China.

Dogal Kimyevi Maddeler ve Zira

Located in Istanbul of Turkey as founded in 1994, Dogal provides clients and farmers with high-quality pesticides and agrochemicals accompanied with high-level technical service. At present, Dogal is making supplies of various pesticide, plant growth regulator, chelating micronutrient, foliar fertilizer and drip irrigation fertilizer. 
Arkema Inc
Arkema is a French fine chemicals manufacturer. Its products include acrylic acid, PMMA, sulfide, fluorochemicals, hydrogen peroxide and high-performance products such as technical polymer, special chemical organic peroxides and additives. Arkema’s 20 factories in North America make up 25% of the sales of the company. Arkema is planning a visit to Asia at the end of this year, getting prepared to develop Asian agrochemical market.

Founded in Alsace of France, Anadiag is an advanced CRO in Europe. The company focuses on crop protection product registration in Europe via provision of specialist knowledge and professional service which can help clients to apply for registration in Europe. Its cope of business covers field trial, chemical analysis, routine data and project management. The company has field trial practices compliant to GEP and GLP requirement.

North America and South America
AMVAC Chemical Corporation

AMVAC is a subsidiary of American Vanguard Corporation, which was founded in 1969 focusing on crop protection, turf and ornamental plant as well as public hygiene application-oriented products. As its subsidiary, AMVAC Chemical Corporation produces and sells farming and commercial products for application to crop protection, non-agricultural and public hygiene applications. AMVAC has four factories in US, being also strongly capable of product registration service. 
WinField United

WinField is affiliated to Land O'lake, being a prime agricultural product dealer in North America. Its main product portfolio includes adjuvant, pesticides (fungicide, insecticide, herbicide and plant growth regulator), fertilizers (granular micronutrients, fluid fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer) and seeds.
CCAB Agro S.A.

Founded in 2007, CCAB Agro deals with generic pesticide products which have rapidly grown into a good approach for farmers to seek agricultural solutions. Over the last two years, CCAB Agro has experienced a fast growth. In 2017, CCAB Agro obtained Invivo’s capital injection for acquisition. The alliance with Invivo enables CCAB Agro to expand its scope of business activities, which is now extended to new industry sectors such as digital agriculture and biopesticide.
Ourofino Agrociencia

The group company of Ourofino has been an active industry player in Brazilian market for over 30 years, assuming responsibility for rebuild of Brazilian agriculture to make its contributions to the industry and to the country. The group’s crop protection-oriented company Ourofino Agrociencia employs 500 staffs, who are dedicated to customized production for tropic agriculture. Ourofino has a most modernized factory in Latin America, which encompasses pilot production workshop, research center, a large and complete lab center. Furthermore, the company has a professional and knowledgeable registration team who enables fast and smooth processing of registrations. 

Agricola National S.A.C (ANASAC)

Founded in Chile in 1948, ANASAC has two major business units: agricultural business and running of serviced apartment. Its agricultural business covers crop protection solutions, seed inspection, pest control, mechanization and seed breeding. The company covers the market of Argentina, Peru, Columbia, Mexico and Brazil, being one of the largest agrochemicals suppliers in Chile. In 2013, the company set up a formulation factory in China. ANASAC has 10 subsidiaries respectively established in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Columbia and China (Youlong of Zhejiang).
Merieux Nutrisciences (Bioagri)

Bioagri is currently a leading institution in agrochemicals and pesticide industry in Latin America, being capable of undertaking various agrochemicals registration-oriented testing. The lab has an extensive quality certification system, which has now included the following: MAPA, ANVISA, INMETRO and AAALAC.
Curechem Group

Curechem Group is a chemical company founded by Indians in Africa, which is headquartered in South Africa with branches in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana, Mauritius and India. The company owns some 60 proprietary product registrations in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania for wide applications to cotton, coffee, corn, sugarcane and tobacco. Over the last 20 years, the company has been purchasing pesticide products from China and India for sales in Africa. 

BioScience Research 

Founded in 2003, BioScience is headquartered in Cape Town, being specialized in crop protection product development and registration in southern part of Africa. As an OECD certified GLP lab, BioScience Research provides crop science and crop protection industries with customized service, covering various studies such as field study, greenhouse study, lab study and residue study (OECD GLP Compliant Field Residue Study).  

Export Trading Group (ETG)

Founded in Kenya in 1967, ETG is one of the largest agricultural material business groups in Africa, with head office being resettled in Tanzania in the 90’s last century. The group is one of the fastest-growing agricultural business groups in Sub Saharan Africa, its business catchment area covers 40 countries across Sub Saharan Africa, North America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, as supported by its complete supply chain in agricultural business sector. The company’s business operation covers all farm products, fertilizers and pesticide products as well as intensified processing of farm products. The company has got two million tons of daily storage in a number of countries, spreading over all part of the world.

Now you have the last chance to register to 2019 CPEW and have in-depth exchanges with all the participants.

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