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Apr. 1, 2019

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Apr. 1, 2019

Netafim Ltd.
Israel  Israel

Netafim USA, a subsidiary of Netafim Ltd. - the global leader of smart irrigation solutions, has taken bold steps to advance its commitment to sustainable agriculture and address the supply chain sustainability needs of today's growers with the launch of STREAMLINE X ReGen.

Designed for use in short-cycle, single-use crop applications, and containing material from recycled driplines, Streamline X ReGen bolsters Netafim's existing commitment to sustainable agriculture that already includes a dripline removal and collection service, as well as the industry's first wholly-owned recycling facility.

Netafim's Streamline X ReGen reduces labor costs, improves crop uniformity, eliminates the spread of soil-borne pathogens and supports the supply chain sustainability demands of modern farming with a complete closed-loop solution for their plastic waste needs.

In addition to containing recycled content, Streamline X ReGen is also engineered with the same features that make the Streamline X family of driplines, the industry's toughest dripline available. Built with the always reliable, field proven Streamline drippers and a unique interior and exterior ribbed structure that protects the pipe from abrasion related leaks, and makes installation and retrieval a smoother process.

"The introduction of Streamline X ReGen to the agricultural market is a direct result of listening to growers express their need for an irrigation solution that not only delivers water and nutrient efficiencies, but also fills a void in their sustainable supply chain," said John Vikupitz, CEO and President of Netafim USA.

"Having pioneered the technology over 50 years ago, Netafim has consistently set itself apart in the market by delivering innovative solutions while continuously researching ways to become more efficient. With Streamline X ReGen, we challenge the rest of the industry to follow our lead and do more to address the sustainability challenges that will define the future of farming."

As the industry leader, Netafim USA first began the process of utilizing recycled content in the manufacturer of driplines to meet the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating and certification requirements of various industries.

After opening its California-based recycling facility in 2007, and making significant investments in research, development, engineering and testing for more than decade, Netafim perfected a proprietary process that enabled the use of recycled content in the manufacture of driplines without sacrificing the performance and quality standards that growers expect from Netafim.

"Netafim Streamline X ReGen is the result of more than a decade spent researching, refining, and perfecting the process of utilizing recycled content to manufacture driplines. We are planning to continue investing in our proprietary technology as well as in expanding our capacity and capabilities to serve the changing agriculture marketplace, now and in the future," added Vikupitz.

For more information on Streamline X ReGen, the first agriculture dripline design to address the supply chain sustainability challenges of modern farming, visit www.NetafimStreamlineX.com/ReGen.

Source: Netafim


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