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Atanor SCA inaugurates new formulation plant in Argentinaqrcode

Mar. 20, 2019

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Mar. 20, 2019
Atanor SCA opened its new formulation plant for the herbicide product TRAC 90 WG (Atrazine 90% p/p, in dispersible granules). This new plant has the capacity to supply a large proportion of market demand, as well as exports.
With this new plant, Atanor SCA, a subsidiary of Albaugh group, continues to incorporate state-of-the-art technology in its production processes, and ensures its place as the most important agrochemical company in Latin America, offering the synthesis of the three most in-demand molecules in the market.

"Thanks to its presentation, TRAC 90 WG requires less water per hectare, and the need for agitation is considerably less than wettable powder. It is absorbed through the leaves and roots of weeds, and can be used in pre-emergency and post-emergency treatments. A single treatment with TRAC 90 WG controls broadleaf weeds and some grasses, and prevents its growth for several months, reducing the competition exerted on crops during the early stages of the production cycle," said the manufacturer.
Cesar Rojas, president of Atanor, confirmed during the ceremony that the start-up of the production plant of TRAC 90 WG (with investment of US$ 8 million) is part of the investment plan of the group in Argentina, which demonstrates the commitment that Atanor SCA has with the nation's producers. He also said that other expansion and improvement projects are being carried out in the towns of Rio Tercero (Province of Córdoba) and Pilar (Province of Buenos Aires). Atanor announced in 2017 that the company will invest US$70 million until 2022 for the development of crop protection products. 

"The start-up of the production plant is part of the investment plan of the group in our country, being US$ 8 million of the US $ 70 million announced until 2022, and demonstrates, once again, the commitment that Atanor has with producers," said Cesar Rojas. Also, Rojas noted that "other expansion and improvement projects are being carried out in the productive units of the towns of Rio Tercero (Córdoba) and Pilar (Buenos Aires)".
Horacio Silva, Marketing Director of Atanor, explained that "for some years now we have been making a very profound change in the development of new agrochemicals, launching new products and expanding our range of options. Originally, we were an industry that manufactured three great products. That continues to exist, but two years ago, after the acquisition of the Albaugh group, we incorporated new herbicides, as well as fungicides and insecticides." 

"In many cases, in addition to using different active ingredients, different types of formulations are used. Additionally, throughout the country there are large differences in the quality of the water used, which can further complicate the issue of mixtures. For these reasons, our research and development laboratory constantly works on evaluating the compatibility of product mixes in our portfolio, in different aggregate orders and at different dilution volumes, and with different water qualities, "Silva said.
This unit was built at the beginning of 2018, as part of the strategy of remaining one of the three most important companies in the Argentine crop protection market. 
Source: AgroNews


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