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ProAct® from Plant Health Care is shortlisted for AgroPages Awardsqrcode

Nov. 7, 2018

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Nov. 7, 2018
AgroPages Awards will be granted to Products with Incomparable Market Potential in China. This year, top 10 oversea biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizers will win the accolade. Some companies with interests in China’s markets have recommended their products to us. One of them is biostimulant ProAct® from Plant Health Care.

Plant Health Care (PHC) is a leading provider of patented, scientifically proven, biological products for agriculture, and its patented ProAct® is based on Harpin αβ peptide that reduces abiotic stress and improves nutrient use efficiency. Since 2014, field trials conducted on over 30 rice varieties around the Mediterranean, have shown that ProAct® increases rice yields by an average of 10-17%, and improves grain processability as well. ProAct® is also easy to handle, transport and store. The product can be tank-mixed with most fertilizers and plant protection products, and applied with standard spray equipment. ProAct® can be stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of at least 2 years. In addition, the low application rate (150 g/Ha) leads to reduction on storage and transportation costs. (Source: PHC)
According to PHC, ProAct® is a key product for the company with sales growing steadily at a CAGR of 21% since 2013, reaching $4.8 million USD in 2017. Based on 2 sprays per year, a Return on Investment (ROI) is achieved where yields increase by over 160 Kg/ Ha. The yield improvements derived from ProAct® in rice (10-17%) therefore equate to a 5.5-8 times ROI. PHC currently targets Asian countries where rice is produced on 84 million hectares, 14 million hectares of which is intensively growing rice in China. PHC is aiming for a 5% market share of the Chinese intensive rice crop by 2023 (700,000 ha) achieving sales of $38m USD at grower level, producing 560,000 MT of extra yield with a value of $224m USD with a 6-fold ROI.
In addition to rice, ProAct® is proven to enhance quality and post-harvest benefits on fruits, as well as nutrient efficiency and reduction of abiotic stress in a wide range of cultivars. For growers, ProAct® provides increased yields and profits. For consumers, ProAct® supplies high quality of food.

For more information about AgroPages Award, please click the picture below. Products submitted for this event will be presented in our on-line product library (on Chinese and English pages showing to our web visitors) and on magazines (Biopesticide Directory, Biostimulant and Novel Fertilizer Directory). The most marvelous products among all the submissions will be reported and spread via AgroPages Chinse channels, 3B E-Weekly and LinkedIn. If you would like to recommend your products, please feel free to contact us: paul@agropages.com, joyce@agropages.com


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