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Syngenta launches Vibrance Maxx in Argentinaqrcode

Sep. 25, 2018

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Sep. 25, 2018

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages

Leandro Barcos
Manager of Seedcare for Latin America South of Syngenta
Syngenta launched in Argentina Vibrance Maxx, a new treatment for soybean seeds that contains sedaxane - the first carboxamide designed exclusively for the treatment of seeds. It treats itself of a wide spectrum, systemic and contact fungicide, specially designed for its use as a therapist for the treatment of soybean seeds.
The product protects the germination and the initial development of the crop, allowing the establishment of an optimal plant stand. It is formulated based on three active principles with different modes of action: fludioxonil, belonging to the group of phenylpyrrole, is a broad spectrum contact fungicide; metalaxyl-M, belonging to the chemical class of phenylamides, is a specific fungicide against Oomycetes; and sedaxane, belonging to the chemical class of pyrazole carboxamide, which is an inhibitor of respiration (complex II).
According to Leandro Barcos, Manager of Seedcare for Latin America South of Syngenta, research in root health has great potential. And he assured: "The launching of a new molecule demands at least 8 years of research and only 1 of every 100,000 molecules evaluated reaches the market. In 2011 we launched sedaxane as the first molecule, of the carboxamide family, exclusively for the treatment of seeds. It is a wide-spectrum fungicidal molecule friendly to the environment. Today sedaxane is part of a new release, Vibrance Maxx, a treatment for soybeans that allows for superior protection. "
In this regard, Paul Ruggeroni, manager of Seedcare Institute of Syngenta, and Alejo Costa, technical manager of Syngenta Seedcare explained that Vibrance Maxx is an unbeatable product in controlling Rhizoctonia and has excellent control of root diseases, damping off and seed fungi. It is also perfectly compatible with inoculants and insecticides used in seed treatments.
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