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Heranba: Whole Industry Chain to Guarantee High-quality Pyrethroids Productsqrcode

Mar. 16, 2018

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Mar. 16, 2018
Heranba Industries Limited was established in the year 1996 with a mission to improve crop productivity and with a passion to provide innovative products to farmers to enhance farm efficiency and offer crop solutions worldwide.

Today, Heranba Industries has three manufacturing units in India and is one of the leading names in the manufacturing of Synthetic Pyrethroids and its intermediates, along with various other products. For its expansion plan, the company has acquired two more plots, where it will commence production activities in the coming years.

Leadership team of Heranba Industries Limited.
Back row, left to right: Mr.Prakash Kumar (Sr. Manager, International Marketing for China and South East Asia); Mr. Anupam Biswas (GM, Domestic Marketing for Institutional sales); Mr. Mukesh Daga (Manager, International Marketing for Africa); Mr.Devraj Zarapkar (Manager, International Marketing for Middle East and Gulf countries); Mr.Rajesh Ohri (GM, Purchase).
Front Row, left to right: Mr.Raunak Shetty; Mr.RK Shetty (Executive Director); Mr.SK Shetty (Chairman and Managing Director); Mr.Shriraj Shetty.

Q1. Would you please briefly introduce to us the main business of Heranba?

Heranba started its manufacturing activities at GIDC, Vapi, an industrial belt in Gujarat with the manufacturing of Cypermethric Acid Chloride (CMAC) and then with many more Technicals such as Cypermetherin, Deltamethrin, Alpha Cypermetherin, Permetherin and Lambda Cyhalothrin, among others. Today, Heranba produces a wide range of products on a large scale. Heranba also ventured into the formulation segment with a wide range of Insecticides and pesticides. Heranba’s products today are being marketed throughout the world, and the quality of Heranba products is well appreciated globally.

Heranba is one of the leading names in the manufacturing of Synthetic Pyrethroids products.

Q2. What are the features and advantages of the Pyrethroids products?

Pyrethroids are synthetic insecticides that share some similarities with natural pyrethrins. Pyrethroids work by disrupting an insect's nervous system, triggering a weakened state followed by death. Pyrethroids are broad spectrum insecticides, and most insects that come in contact with either the wet spray or the dry deposit of the active ingredient left by the spray will be eliminated.

Pyrethroids are a good choice for treating most insects that infest homes, businesses, gardens and farms. Pyrethroids are also available in many formulations. They are sold as wettable powders, emulsifiable concentrates, granules, dusts, aerosols, microencapsulates, flowables and tablets. Pyrethroids can be found in many types of products such as pet sprays, pet shampoos, human head lice treatments, topical mosquito repellents, besides in insecticide sprays for homes, farms and businesses.

Q3. As we know, there are not many companies focusing on the Pyrethroids products globally, so what is your market position in this industry?

One of our core strengths is the manufacturing of Pyrethroids. There are few manufacturers globally, and there is continuous increase in demand, for which we have enhanced our capacities to produce. In addition with products such as MPBD and MPBAL and many more in the planning stage this year, it will further strengthen our core business and will take Heranba to new heights.

Apart from this, we are also very strong in our formulation segment, which caters to various part of the globe. In the Indian market, our brands are well established and are catering to more than 5,000 customers across India. Our products are also widely used in public health tenders, as our products such as Deltamethrin and Alphacypermethrin have the approval of the World Health Organization.

Q4. In 2017, we found you added new products such as MPBD, MPBAL; what is its strategy significance?

In 2017, we came across shortages in the supply of Metaphenoxy Benzaldehyde (MPBD), which is a key raw material required in our manufacturing process. Taking this into consideration, we decided to go for backward integration and produce this product in-house, and we have successfully commissioned this plant, and the output for this product will add to our product portfolio. We have also found that this product is in demand throughout the year within India and for exports, which will add to our turnover and profitability.

Q5. In AgroPages ' top 20 list, your agrochem business increased 17.9% over last year; what has brought this growth?

Last year, the growth in business was mainly due to the increase in our production capacity, and there was good demand for our products owing to which the top line grew at a good rate. Further, our business grew both in the domestic and export markets, owing to the contribution of our other products such as Temephos, Profenophos, Lambdacyhalothrin, Tricyclazole, Imidacloprid and Thiamethoxam, among others. Also, we have increased our customer base globally by adding new customers. This resulted in additional sale and enhanced the company’s turnover.

With an increase in our business today, Heranba Industries is ranked as one of the major companies among the top 20 companies in India.

Q6. What do you think of the current intense situation, and what strategic initiatives have been/will be taken accordingly?

As we all know, India is among the fourth largest manufacturing countries in the world for agro-chemicals, and the focus now is more on China and India. For Indian companies, the potential is more in terms of the availability of new molecules being developed, and many niche molecules are going off-patent. We are in the process of identifying a few molecules for our future growth for which the company has already acquired adequate plot in the industrial belt.

This year, the Chinese market is a bit disturbed owing to various government policies, and hence, the focus is shifting towards the Indian market, with good demand for our products. As I mentioned before, we have already increased our production capacity and introduced a few new products, which will be a blessing in disguise to our company in fulfilling the requirements.


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