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Bayer CropScience introduced Warrior and Embasy proprietary watermelon seed varietiesqrcode

Dec. 3, 2015

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Dec. 3, 2015
Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds is looking to drive repeat sales for its customers this coming year, with the introduction of two new proprietary seed varieties, the Warrior and Embasy watermelons. 
These new varietal debuts align with the company’s goal to increase quality and flavor for grower all the way to the end consumer. Under the Nunhems brand, Bayer offers high-quality seed varieties for 25 fruit and vegetable crops.
Produce Chain Specialist, Matthew DeCeault, and Kike Rossell, Bayer’s Product Specialist Watermelon NAFTA, join me to discuss the new varieties along with the advantages and benefits that are translated to the growing community.
“Warrior is our seedless watermelon most comparable to our incredibly popular Superseedless series. Warrior is early and provides consumers with consistently high brix, firm flesh, and flavor,” Matthew tells me. “Just like the Superseedless, its performance in fresh-cut applications is top-notch.  It provides consumers with a juicy-crispy eating experience. Warrior produces mainly 45-ct melons so it fits perfectly with most retail programs to kick off the season.”
The new Embasy watermelon is Bayer’s take (in the superseedless type) on the darker-skinned wider striped watermelons growing in popularity with consumers across the U.S. This melon delivers high brix, firm flesh, and fantastic flavor along with a superior rind pattern.
Bayer’s motivation behind this program is to provide innovation and traits that are needed by the grower to improve their return. This goes hand-in-hand with delivering to the end consumer, an excellent fruit that will be an eating experience to continually satisfy the taste buds of the watermelon lovers everywhere.


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