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Vitamin Bee collaborates with Bayer Bee Care Program for Feed a Bee initiativeqrcode

Sep. 15, 2015

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Sep. 15, 2015

Vitamin Bee, LLC recently announced a new collaboration with the Bayer Bee Care Program through its “Vitamin Bee®” character to help promote the Feed a Bee initiative, bee advocacy and healthy nutrition awareness for children.

Created by veteran director and animator Geoffrey Kater, Vitamin Bee is the central character in a nutrition education program that encourages kids to eat nutritious foods and empowers them to make healthy lifestyle choices. Their approach is to teach children and have fun while doing it, with the help of a dynamic animated character, as well as an entire curriculum that entertains and educates through the use of videos, quizzes, activity sheets, games and hands-on lessons.

“Vitamin Bee is a great role model that teaches kids about the value of the honey bee to our planet, our food supply and our daily lives,” said Geoffrey Kater, creator of Vitamin Bee. “We hope that getting kids to appreciate the role of the honey bee at an early age will encourage them to be great bee advocates for their entire lives.  Vitamin Bee speaks a language that kids understand and uses humor to teach them these important lessons. I think we’ve created a great thing here and I’m so happy to be working with the Feed a Bee program and to be part of the Bayer Bee Care Center to help educate schools, kids and families alike.”

The Feed a Bee initiative exceeded its goal of receiving pledges to plant 50 million flowers in 2015 just 11 weeks after its initial launch in March. Thanks to partners like Vitamin Bee, the initiative has also surpassed its goal of working with 50 government, nonprofit and business organizations. To date, 60 partners have joined the campaign for planting and education initiatives. 

 “Bayer CropScience is excited for Vitamin Bee to join as one of our newest partners for the Feed a Bee initiative,” said Becky Langer, project manager of the North American Bee Care Program. “Honey bees and other pollinators are threatened by habitat loss, among other factors, so it is important that we educate everyone about these hardworking insects.”

Bees help to pollinate the fruits, nuts and vegetables that are essential to a healthy diet, Langer said.

“We have to teach the next generation of bee advocates about these hardworking insects to ensure we continue to have healthy foods that we all love.”

Feed a Bee

A creation of the Bayer North American Bee Care Program, Feed a Bee is a major initiative to increase food for honey bees and other pollinators, including growing 50 million flowers and providing additional forage acreage in 2015. By collaborating with organizations and individuals throughout the United States, Feed a Bee will help to provide pollinators with the food they need not only to survive, but to thrive, as well as help to educate consumers on the important role they play in our daily lives. For more on Feed a Bee, go to FeedABee.com. 

“Vitamin Bee”

“Vitamin Bee” is a series of animated shorts created, produced and directed by Kater which incorporates a children’s nutrition education program for grades K-5 encompassing puzzles, games, important information about fresh fruit and vegetables and activities for the children either in class or in the home.


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