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New Zealand EPA receives Bayer’s two herbicides applicationsqrcode

Nov. 25, 2014

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Nov. 25, 2014
New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has received two applications from Bayer New Zealand Limited regarding herbicides uses. The company is seeking for approval to increase the maximum permitted application rate of Firebird (flufenacet +diflufenican) from 300 to 700 mL per hectare. The herbicide is used to control certain broadleaf and grass weeds in autumn- and winter-sown wheat and barley crops. Firebird was first assessed and approved by ERMA (Environmental Risk Management Authority – prior to the EPA establishment) Zealand in 2009. Bayer intends to initially increase their label rate to 500 mL/ha, but wants the scope to increase it to rates of 700 mL/ha in future. 

The company also applied to import herbicide Sakura 850 WG (pyroxasulfone) for use against various weeds in wheat crops, including annual and perennial ryegrass, brome species, annual poa, vulpia hair grass, barley grass, wild oats. Sakura will be dissolved to form a spray solution, and applied as a coarse spray using standard ground-based spray equipment. Aerial application is not intended. This application is the first application received by the EPA containing the ais pyroxasulfone. 
The public comments on these two applications will be closed on February 2nd 2015.
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