Digital Harvest

Digital Harvest is a Data Science company.  Our market focus is exclusively on agriculture.  
Helping global food processors transition from reactive and human biased decisions to proactive data-driven objective decisions is our mission to transform a meaningful portion of the $2.4 trillion global agriculture industry.
Sugarcane and other C4 photosynthetic and tuber crops on our near term product roadmap represent $200 billion per year industry.  Furthermore, we have the vision to interconnect and better align the economic benefits of the global food processors with the 1.3 billion farmers of the world.
We are a nimble entrepreneurial company with development experience in satellite and terrestrial remote sensing, flight automation of complex aerodynamics vehicles, ground robotics, and most strongly in data sciences with emphasis on machine learning and predictive analytics.
Digital Harvest team’s combination of experiences provides the foundation to appreciate technologies' capabilities AND limitations, thus guiding us to take a customer problem-centric approach to deliver optimized and yield impacting data-driven product solutions at global scale.  
To deliver impactful enterprise products, we take a crop-specific approach that compels us to get dirt on our boots spending time out in the field with field workers, managers, and agronomists.  We believe gaining a deep understanding of our customer’s crop and its farming processes that range from crop rotation, planting, and harvest logistics; so that we can inject agronomic and agriculturists insight into our data science products to solve customer's most challenging problems.