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Created in 2016, the startup was initially called Agvali™. At that time, the platform provided quotations for products offered by resellers to producers in the same locality. In this way, through digital marketing, the platform generated additional demand for traditional resellers and, simultaneously, brought attractive promotions to producers.

In late 2017, however, following a round of Seed Capital investment and the entry of new investors and executives, InstaAgro™ "migrated" the business model to the current format, and established itself as the first specialized online store for rural Brazilian farmers.

"We realized that there was a very large deficit of access and information, and that the farmer, especially the small one, did not have access to all the products available in the market, and information about their correct use. Traditional distribution channels no longer met, or did not reach everywhere producers needed. We understood that to meet and empower the small producer effectively, we had to be the store itself, not just direct the buyer to the current stores. On the other hand, we are very concerned about the proliferation of illegal online sales, and we are committed to creating a national standard for the safe and legal sale of agricultural inputs online, including pesticides, ensuring full traceability of the entire supply chain. This is how InstaAgro was born", noted Santini.

With a database of more than one million rural farmers, laboriously constructed over 3 years of Agvali™ operations, the online store runs through an internet portal available on all operating systems and, soon, with the use of the  free application.