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US approved Becker Underwood's biopesticide Bacillus pumilus strain Bu F-33qrcode

Jun. 21, 2013

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Jun. 21, 2013
US EPA has approved Becker Underwood’s manufacturing-use pesticide product, Bacillus pumilus strain BU F-33 Technical(95% active ingredient ), and an end-use pesticide product, Integral® F-33(5% active ingredient ). These pesticide products contain a new active ingredient, Bacillus pumilus strain BU F-33.

Bacillus pumilus are Gram-positive, endospore-forming bacteria that are ubiquitous in nature and have been identified and isolated from samples of a variety of media, including soil, water, aquatic invertebrates, and growing plants. Since 2001, three isolates of Bacillus pumilus (i.e., Bacillus pumilus strain GB34, Bacillus pumilus strain QST 2808, and Bacillus pumilus strain GHA 180) have been used in registered pesticide products to suppress plant pathogens such as Pythium ultimum, Fusarium oxysporum, Rhizoctonia solani, and Alternaria species.

Integral® F-33(5% active ingredient) can elicits induced systemic resistance in plants, thereby enhancing their defense against a spectrum of plant pathogens, including viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Source: U.S. EPA

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