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Favorites Print May. 17, 2013
German company Linde Gases, a division of the Linde Group, announced the launch of its Crop Science business. The re-energised product and service offering – previously referred to as its "fumigants" business – is recognition of Linde's renewed commitment to combating the increasing challenges facing the world food supply chain.

Tomorrow also marks the opening of Linde's new plant in the Czech Republic, which will manufacture the group's latest environmentally friendly fumigant. The new fumigant, to be marketed as EDN® (ethanedinitrile), will be used to limit the impact of pests and disease on timber and in agriculture.

Linde's newly formed Crop Science business will offer innovative fumigant products to protect both food produce itself and the producer's investment, while allowing for genuine sustainable agriculture. The products are highly effective substitutes for the universal – and now mainly banned component – Methyl bromide (MBr), which has for some time been the global standard for fumigation. Linde's fumigant product range is considerably more environmentally friendly and comprises of naturally occurring active ingredients that degrade to earth-friendly metabolites. The fumigant range also fully complies with UN Directives, such as the Montreal Protocol, and has no known global warming potential.

Linde's innovative Crop Science product range includes VAPORMATE™ and EDN™. Linde also has a dedicated team to ensure farmers and producers select the most appropriate fumigant product to meet their needs and to comply with local regulatory requirements.


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