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Mar. 22, 2013

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Mar. 22, 2013
CytoGro is an EPA registered liquid hormone biostimulant derived from seaweed extracts.  The primary ingredients are cytokinins and auxins, which promote deep, dense root development.  Because it encourages a healthier root system, CytoGro helps plants withstand stress from harsh environments, temperature extremes, drought stress, insect damage, and more.  In high traffic areas, such as golf courses, parks and athletic fields, CytoGro produces rapid root repair and recovery of damaged turf.  CytoGro also conditions plants to tolerate salinity from poor irrigation water or fertilizer salt build-up.  
“The inclusion of CytoGro in the foliar fertilizers will optimize nutrient uptake and product performance, as well as improving overall plant health,” says BioPro’s President and Agronomist, Jim Spindler.
Because CytoGro is EPA registered, users can be assured that every batch contains a guaranteed 50 ppm cytokinin, ensuring consistent application results.  CytoGro is also formulated to contain extremely low levels of gibberellic acid, ensuring that the turf’s energy is directed where it is needed most – maintaining and building root mass and disease tolerant leaf tissue. CytoGro will not interfere with product growth regulators, and is compatible with modern gibberillic acid inhibiting growth regulators.
The foliar fertilizers now containing CytoGro include Turf Plex 20-0-3 and 20-2-3, Iron Plus, Iron Plus Manganese, Manganese Plus, NutriSolve, and Spectrum.  These products will join Multi-Purpose Plus 4-0-2, a BioPro product that contains both CytoGro and H3O, a water management liquid. 
BioPro Technologies, LLC is an Ocala, Florida-based manufacturing company specializing in the production of environmentally responsible solutions for the turf, landcare and agricultural markets. BioPro’s products include foliar and slow release liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, biostimulants, soil amendments, and pond / lake treatments.  BioPro Technologies, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecologel Solutions, LLC.

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