Arkema announced that it has submitted an approval dossier for the new soil fumigant based on dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) to French authorities, acting as Rapporteur Member State for the European procedure of Regulation (CE) 1107/2009. The French Ministry of Agriculture has recently confirmed the admissibility of this application, a pre-requisite to the European assessment of the dossier by the Competent Authorities.

In a difficult pest control and competition context for European farmers who lack registered solutions to prepare soils before crop planting, Arkema and Certis, the exclusive distributor of DMDS in Europe, are preparing for the arrival of this new product on the market and work with the authorities to progress rapidly on the approval of DMDS.

Developed by Arkema’s R&D teams, the new soil fumigant is based on dimethyldisulfide (DMDS), to fight sustainably against soil pests in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables. It was developed against a background of worldwide substitution of older fumigation products, which are gradually being withdrawn due to regulatory restrictions.