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Mycogen Seeds offers eight new silage corn hybrids for 2012qrcode

Jul. 13, 2011

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Jul. 13, 2011

Mycogen Seeds is releasing eight new SILAGE-SPECIFIC™ BMR and TMF corn hybrids for the 2012 growing season, including three with SmartStax® trait technology.

"Mycogen Seeds is pleased to offer new hybrids that fit a variety of agronomic situations while providing excellent tonnage and feeding value,” says Greg Cannon, forage product marketing specialist, Mycogen Seeds. “Our BMR hybrids contain the bm3 gene, proven in multiple independent trials to deliver superior digestibility and high milk production.”

New BMR hybrids

• F2F343 is a 93-day Roundup Ready® hybrid, boasting excellent tonnage, ear development, ear fill and digestibility. The medium/tall BMR hybrid has strong agronomics, growing well under moderate to moderate-high plant populations and either a continuous corn or a corn/soybean rotation. F2F343 is an excellent earlier-maturing companion to F2F383 genetics.

• Well-adapted to the California and Southwest silage markets, F2F712 is a 112-day Roundup Ready hybrid, offering high tonnage potential. It has excellent whole-plant digestibility and NDFD scores. F2F712 is a tall plant that will reward top management with high yields. It makes a strong refuge option for growers planting hybrids with insect protection traits.

• F2F795, a 115-day BMR hybrid, incorporates HERCULEX® I Insect Protection with IGNITE® and Roundup® herbicide tolerance traits to provide above-ground protection from insects and expanded herbicide choices to fit growers’ control systems. With a full canopy, strong roots and good tolerance to gray leaf spot, F2F795 produces high-quality, high-tonnage silage across a broad area of adaptation.

New TMF hybrids

• One of three new SmartStax TMF silage hybrids from Mycogen Seeds, TMF2H699 is a tall, very attractive 110-day hybrid with very high tonnage potential. With SmartStax technology, refuge acres are reduced to 5 percent,1 allowing producers to plant more acres to high-yielding hybrids. TMF2H699 is a reliable yielder across major silage growing areas from the upper Midwest to the Northeast. It maintains very good digestibility and is an excellent choice for both dairy and beef rations.

• TMF2R737 is protected above and below ground by the combination of traits from SmartStax. A widely adapted hybrid, TMF2R737 is medium/tall with an excellent silage appearance. It has a relative maturity of 112 days and has very good tonnage and digestibility, along with good tolerance to gray leaf spot. A very healthy hybrid, TMF2R737 is highly recommended for continuous corn.

• TMF2L825, a very tall 117-day hybrid, thrives under high plant populations, especially under irrigation.TMF2L825 is well-adapted to California, the Southwest and full-season areas of the Pacific Northwest. It has a combination of HERCULEX I Insect Protection, plus Roundup and IGNITE herbicide tolerance. TMF2L825 has excellent tolerance to gray leaf spot, making it a good option for eastern Corn Belt growers looking for high tonnage.

• For growers in California and the Southwest, TMF2L871 combines very high tonnage and good digestibility. This 117-day Roundup Ready hybrid is very tall with flexible ears and moderately hard kernels, which benefit from processing.

• TMF2L874 is a 118-day hybrid featuring SmartStax technology. Well-adapted to California and the Southwest, it offers above- and below-ground protection from insect damage. Along with the reduced 5 percent refuge requirement in the Corn Belt, TMF2L874 offers high tonnage, tolerance to high plant populations and good digestibility.

Advancing technology

The new SILAGE-SPECIFIC corn hybrids from Mycogen Seeds are connecting forage producers with the latest in trait technologies.

"The new hybrids are combining elite genetics with traits packages not previously available in silage corn,” says Maynard Ochs, product development agronomist, Mycogen Seeds. “Now growers have more flexibility with their silage production.”

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