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Horsch announces investment of R$200 million in new plant in Brazilqrcode

Apr. 1, 2021

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Apr. 1, 2021

Horsch do Brasil officially presented two sowing machines: Maestro Evolution and Maestro Kompass and one fertilizer applicator EVO CS, which were all developed and can be customized for possible new adjustments to soil conditions and crops in various Brazilian states.

In addition to the new products, the German company, which produces equipment for soil preparation, planting, sowing, spraying, hybrid agriculture, logistics and intelligence, announced an investment of R$200 million in the construction of its first factory in South America, with its headquarters being in the industrial city of Curitiba, Paraná. 

In Brazil, since 2017, HORSCH has managed an area of 18 thousand m² and generated 120 direct jobs and another thousand indirect ones. Currently, to implement the first phase of the factory’s construction, R$50 million has been invested. “With the new plant going into operation, which is expected to start in 2023, the creation of new direct and indirect jobs will be much greater,” said Rodrigo Duck, General Director of HORSCH do Brasil. 


Horsch will produce machines in Brazil with advanced technologies, 

said Rodrigo Duck, General Director of HORSCH do Brasil.

When the factory is fully operational, the Brazilian market will represent a significant proportion of the group's overall global performance. “Today, we assemble machines and components, and with this official launch in Brazil of the fertilizer and planters, we are going to strengthen our relationships with producers,” he explained.

Duck stressed that the company is ready to start its solid expansion in Brazil, which has been a great laboratory for testing the adaptability capacity with more speed and precision in line with the productive needs of various Brazilian cultures and regions, adding that the company will produce machines in Brazil using advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), which can quickly learn and solve problems that occur during field operations.

Maestro Evolution Seeder

The Maestro Evolution seeder is the updated version of the Maestro SW planter that received the new HORSCH Airvac electric feeder, and features upgrades that increased its efficiency and ease of operation. Developed for no-till, the machine is bi-articulated and is available in versions 24, 30, 36, 39 and 40 lines with 45 centimeters (cm), 50cm or 60cm spacings.


Among the main features of this model is the flexible planting bar with two or three sections measuring 6 meters (m) depending on the model. It is suitable for operating in terrace areas, contour lines and rough terrain, and has a pantographic articulation of lines that work in the vertical, helping to ensure the uniform depth of seeds.

The system for closing the planting bars reduces the width of the machine to 3.10m during the transport mode for locomotion from one field to the other and/or from one farm to another.

With a capacity of 9,000 liters, the model’s central tank has a capacity of some 7,000 kilograms (kg) worth of seeds. The AirVac electric seed dispenser prevents possible failures through the use of gears, chains and cardan, and can control the exact number of seeds and simulate planting by checking the variation coefficient through the tractor monitor, even if the machine has stopped. This model was developed for conditions appropriate to Brazilian crops, with a reinforced structure on a sturdy chassis, as well as armored hubs and bearings that generate low maintenance costs and less interruptions during the planting window.

Like other HORSCH sowing machines, Maestro Evolution has ISOBUS communication protocols, allowing them to be controlled by a Touch 800 monitor or the monitor on the tractor.

Another feature is a small seed kit that allows intercropped planting, such as for corn and brachiaria, in addition to other granules, such as fertilizers or insecticides. This kit transforms the planter into a small grain seeder within the original spacing of the machine, making it possible to use the machine to sow cover crops.

Maestro Kompass Seeder

Available in versions 12, 14 16 and 18 lines in spacings 45 and 50, Maestro Kompass is an articulated planter composed of two independent planting bars that ensure better adaptation to the terrain. 


It has a capacity of 6,000 liters and a single central tank of inputs divided into 4,500 liters of fertilizer and 1,500 liters of seeds. It also has a variable rate system for seed and fertilizer dispersion as a standard item. Through its “Prescription Map,” it is possible to automate the distribution of inputs according to variations of the soil, generating greater productivity.

As standard, the machine also has a section control that allows lines to be turned on and off automatically via GPS signal, avoiding the overlapping of inputs and generating savings during planting. For transportation, the planter has a bar closing system, reducing its width to 3.20m.

EVO CS fertilizer applicator

Available in two fixed models of 24 rows with 45 cm spacing, EVO CS is a high-performance fertilizer applicator for the application of granulated fertilizer by means of furrowing rods at depths of up to 35cm within a working range of up to 10.80m. 

It has two central fertilizer feeders than can handle up to 1,000kg per ha, and can work at speeds of 10km/h with a maximum variation of 5% of the target rate. It also has a split central tank capacity of 12,000 liters. A MiniDrill device is another option that makes it possible to sow small seeds through a 400-liter pressurized tank with a variable rate of series. The fertilizer is deposited by means of narrow furrowing rods that ensure minimum soil overturning and require less drag force.

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